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Half a Buck Is Better Than None
-- For the past 30 years, I’ve been venturing back to my old stomping grounds in Deposit, N.Y., to hunt with my friends from high school. This past season resulted in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It happened at about 3 p.m. on the second day ...

Hunting Food Plots
Harvest time is here. The work is done and it’s time to reap the benefits of your labor. These tips will help you be more effective at hunting your food plots.

Forgetting Big Ten
I watched the sun rise from my deer stand on the last day of Iowa's initial 2007 shotgun season. Deer were blowing and snorting like crazy as I approached the setup in the dark, which didn't bode well for my morning hunt. Dawn broke overcast, but ...

Labor of Love
The skittish buck swiveled his wide rack as he scanned the oak flat for any hint of danger. Perched a dozen feet up a tree, I was well hidden by foliage, but the deer knew something was amiss. Although he was well within my comfort zone, I held my...

Taking Heroes Hunting
It was an awesome weekend for our chapter to share hunting camp with three Purple Heart Heroes from Texas and a special young boy, Noel Accves, whose father lost his life in the Gulf War.

Taking Heroes Hunting
It was an awesome weekend for our chapter to share hunting camp with three Purple Heart Heroes from Texas and a special young boy, Noel Accves, whose father lost his life in the Gulf War. Retired Army Sergeant Justin Pullin, who was injured in an ...

65,000+ deer checked in Ohio gun season
Hunters checked 65,485 white-tailed deer during Ohio’s 2014 gun hunting season, Dec. 1-7. Rifles using specific straight-walled cartridges were allowed during Ohio’s deer-gun season. Gun hunters took advantage of the new opportunity and checked 5,360...

Setup Checklist
First time hunters often make small mistakes that lead to big failures. That’s all part of gaining experience and learning how to hunt.

Switch-Hitter Scores Home Run in Nebraska
Brian Bevil didn't need a designated hitter on Nov. 11, 2007, to hit a home run. The 36-year-old Texan, who delivered 67 strikeouts in two and a half seasons with the Kansas City Royals, proved that he's quite capable of knocking it out of the par...

Panhandle Pursuit
In February 2004, I was surfing the Internet, looking to book a fall deer hunt. Being from Luverne, Ala., I couldn’t help but notice an outfitter from Laverne, Okla., a man named Steve Purviance of Mt. Hide Outfitters. Steve offers hunts in Texas,...

Heavenly Cream Biscuits
Heavenly Cream Biscuits are not your Grandmother’s old-fashioned biscuits, nor are they trying to be. However, this type is a quicker, easier-to-make biscuit than hers, now appearing in some of the Deep South’s finest gourmet restaurants. For man...

Gwin's Roadhouse Sausage Gravy
In a large pot or skillet, brown the sausage completely. No need to drain unless there is noticeable excess grease. Add flour to the sausage and stir over med-low heat for about two minutes, coating the sausage well. Gradually add the milk, stirring ...

Safe Drivers
Almost all gun work will require screwdrivers, and it's extremely important that the proper screwdriver be used. Most screwdrivers sold in hardware, or home- or auto-supply stores have tapered ends. This allows them to fit a wide variety of screw ...

Ah, Illinois!
Four of us travel to Illinois every year with dreams of lugging one of those monstrous corn-fed whitetails back home. Last season, I got to do just that! Our crew consists of my lifelong friend Aubrey "Butterball" Boothe, Barry Payne, Craig Vail ...

Pull Those Stands!
Have you ever been walking through the woods and found a treestand wedged so tightly into a tree that the hunter could not remove it, therefore it had to be left behind?

A Fling and a Prayer
“You do realize that once you see one of those big-bodied bucks running across a cornfield, you’ll never be the same?” It was more of a warning than a question, posed by Buckmasters editor Ken Piper. He figured I’d be spoiled for life after my upco...

Gwin's Alaska-sized Breakfast Burrito
The only thing worse than falling headfirst into the Russian River is falling headfirst into the Russian River while surrounded by brown bears and a wife who told you so. In September of 2006, Allyson and I went on a do-it-yourself fly fishing ad...

Peanut Butter: The Pre-Attractant Attractant
If you use corn as an attractant, either for baiting or drawing deer to trail cameras, sometimes it takes a while for deer to find it.

Blustery Day Buck
-- The day ended up awesomely, but it didn’t start out that way. On Friday, while at work in the dental office, I checked my weather channel app. It said, “30 mph winds — stay in bed today.” I laughed when I read that. Even my boss Dr. Rahn said,...

Oh where have they gone?
Disappearing deer are looking for the same thing—bedding cover, high calorie leftovers and love.
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