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You Don't Wanna Go in There
When Davis Smith of White Hall, Ark., lost his deer lease to a group of guys with deeper pockets a few years ago, he felt like a fish out of water. He tried swimming with several small hunting clubs after that, but he never found one he really liked. Davis wasn't sure where he was going to hunt on the eve of the 2008 season. "But then, out of the blue, a friend told me that his club was looking to bring in two new members to fill out their roster. He wondered if I might be interested," Davis said. The club leased 6,000 acres in Phillips County, which sounded wonderful to Davis. After meeting with the members, he was accepted into the fold. Because the '08 season was rapidly approaching, Davis didn't have a lot of time to get to know the property. He studied maps and walked much of the acreage with his friend, who pointed out the boundaries. He also learned that the members had staked claims to different sections. Not to say there were no good places to hunt. Davis just h... More

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Roarin' Closes the Deal
Robert Eccles had the presence of mind to set his clock back an hour on Halloween night in 2009, but he didn't make the daylight-saving-to-standard-time adjustment with his alarm, which was still set for 6 a.m. It should've been set for 5:00. Already lat...

Buck in the 'Burbs
Scott Esker and his twin brother, Steve, hunt seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. When not carrying a bow, they're packing a camera. "We scout every day as we go about our jobs, and every evening throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter," Scott says. ...

It's easy for a bowhunting purist to scoff at the notion of taking a deer with a firearm. It's something few riflemen could understand. It's just not the same. Tracy Atchison knows. The 43-year-old railroad track supervisor from Kirwin, Kan., has been hunt...

Head'em Off at the Pass
Father and son could only watch, mouths agape, as the doe and an enormous buck rose from the CRP and bounded off to the next grassy field. The guys' bows and climbers were in the truck, locked away while they were investigating a possible stand site within ...

Deer Addict
Either the Apocalypse or a flood would have to hit Massachusetts to keep Everett Brown from packing his bags and leaving home in November. Even then, there's no guarantee that hell or high water would prevent him from driving to Illinois when the deer there...
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Mike Handley / RACK Editor / BTR Chairman

Mike Handley

Veteran journalist Mike Handley has been the editor of Rack since its 1999 launch as a subscription-only magazine. The 48-year-old Alabama native also is executive director of Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records and painter of wildlife. Mike has pursued big game in 15 states, two Canadian provinces, Finland and South Africa. He’s living proof that man can survive repeated bustings by long-faced does, a diet formerly laden with pork fat, encounters with black mambas and presidents of the 21st century. He also snores.

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