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Head'em Off at the Pass
Father and son could only watch, mouths agape, as the doe and an enormous buck rose from the CRP and bounded off to the next grassy field. The guys' bows and climbers were in the truck, locked away while they were investigating a possible stand site within the public tract they'd never visited before that day. Had the deer acted more like the ones the Smiths usually chase back home in Georgia, Greg would've never entertained the wild notion his dad, Tony, dismissed as a waste of precious little time. But the buck had slowed to a walk when it reached the adjoining field, giving Greg just enough hope that he might be able to get ahead of it. "You'll never see that deer again," said Tony, watching his 26-year-old son frantically pulling gear from the truck. The Smiths - Greg, his dad and brother, Tony Jr. - had gained permits for the quota hunt at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area in Cass County, Ill.  Their cousin, Doug Cunningham, had put their name... More

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Deer Addict
Either the Apocalypse or a flood would have to hit Massachusetts to keep Everett Brown from packing his bags and leaving home in November. Even then, there's no guarantee that hell or high water would prevent him from driving to Illinois when the deer there...

The Bad News Buck
For my dad, getting up early on a cold morning, layering himself in camouflage and then sitting in a deer stand or duck blind rates right up there with breathing. He lives for (and because of) it! Half his wardrobe is camo, and I guarantee that he gets his mo...

If you Climb It, They Will Come
It's probably safe to say that no climber manufacturer has ever advertised a treestand as being a deer magnet. Perhaps they should. Consider the testimony of Bill Collins, a senior analyst for the U.S. Army, whose going-away present for his recent Kansas...

Backyard Buck: Lost and Found
It all started with a new hire, Mark, whose desk faces mine. As we came to know one another, our conversations ranged from work, fishing and boating to hunting. Mark had bought a house on the outskirts of Winona Lake, Ind., less than half a mile from the c...

The Ultimatum
It was the second day of his second year hunting in Illinois, and Jarrod Toms was hot, tired and discouraged. He'd been lugging a stand and his bow since lunchtime. It was getting late, and he still hadn't found the right spot. Jarrod's wife had told him t...
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Mike Handley / RACK Editor / BTR Chairman

Mike Handley

Veteran journalist Mike Handley has been the editor of Rack since its 1999 launch as a subscription-only magazine. The 48-year-old Alabama native also is executive director of Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records and painter of wildlife. Mike has pursued big game in 15 states, two Canadian provinces, Finland and South Africa. He’s living proof that man can survive repeated bustings by long-faced does, a diet formerly laden with pork fat, encounters with black mambas and presidents of the 21st century. He also snores.

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