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Kosciusko King
My fourth year to hunt deer was 2009. The only buck to my credit, going into that season, wore a little 8-point basket rack. The first three years, I didn't have a good place to hunt, just my back yard and a small lot down the road. In 2008, my father-in-law took me to some land by a river he'd hunted for 25 years. I went with him twice, and saw between six and 10 deer each time. After the '08 season ended, he moved to Kentucky. My wife and I asked the landowner if we could hunt his place. He said sure, since her dad had hunted there for so long. My father-in-law has taken a lot of trophy bucks from there. He's always said there were many more, too, if a hunter could bide his time without shooting young deer. He told us there was one whitetail down there that was huge. He'd shot at it, even drawn blood, but he never found it. During the summer of 2009, my wife and I put a lot of time into scouting the area. We even set out trail cameras, which we checked two or three tim... More

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Thirty-Five Seasons and a Day
Maybe my daughter expressed it best: "It was your day to shine, Dad!" After 35 years of hunting deer in Wisconsin, my 15 minutes of fame came on opening day of the 2009 firearms season. The morning passed uneventfully; the evening hunt was over in a matter ...

Could be Downhill from Here
Following the 2008 hunting season, I saw a great 9x7 whitetail that left me counting the days until the next one. All I could do was hope the buck survived the winter. Immediately prior to the 2009 season, I went back to the area where I'd spotted the 16-p...

Trouble on the Tundra
The morning at our Farnie Lake caribou outpost had started out normal enough. But as I shoved the bullets into my buddy Harold Pirsig's .30-06, a scene from the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" flashed through my mind. The mental blur dealt with one of th...

More Than They Bargained For
Eric Arnette sat on the Alaskan tundra in a nerve-wracking bubble of fog, staring for an hour and a half at the spot where he'd last seen his guide, who had disappeared into an alder thicket in pursuit of the huge, possibly-wounded, possibly-dead grizzly be...

No Sandbags Required
I am very fortunate in that my wife and I own our own real estate business, which means I get to spend a lot of time deer hunting. My wife says she doesn't get to spend any time with me from November to mid-January. It helps, too, that we specialize in rec...
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Mike Handley / RACK Editor / BTR Chairman

Mike Handley

Veteran journalist Mike Handley has been the editor of Rack since its 1999 launch as a subscription-only magazine. The 48-year-old Alabama native also is executive director of Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records and painter of wildlife. Mike has pursued big game in 15 states, two Canadian provinces, Finland and South Africa. He’s living proof that man can survive repeated bustings by long-faced does, a diet formerly laden with pork fat, encounters with black mambas and presidents of the 21st century. He also snores.

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