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Forgetting Big Ten
I watched the sun rise from my deer stand on the last day of Iowa's initial 2007 shotgun season. Deer were blowing and snorting like crazy as I approached the setup in the dark, which didn't bode well for my morning hunt. Dawn broke overcast, but the clouds soon disappeared, leaving behind a bluebird day with temperatures in the low 20s. We had ice and snow when the season opened, and it had stuck around for the entire time. As I sat in my stand that morning, I was at least comforted to know the second rut was in full throttle. My eyes rarely left the spotting scope as bucks were chasing does and sparring in the sanctuary 300 yards distant. I was holding out for a deer we'd nicknamed "Big Ten." Very heavy in mass and wide, we thought the mostly nocturnal buck would go 175 inches and was at least 41/2 or 51/2 years old. We had numerous trail camera photographs of Big Ten, but none of us had seen him while afield. At 2:15, does began filtering out of the woods, one at a ... More

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Switch-Hitter Scores Home Run in Nebraska
Brian Bevil didn't need a designated hitter on Nov. 11, 2007, to hit a home run. The 36-year-old Texan, who delivered 67 strikeouts in two and a half seasons with the Kansas City Royals, proved that he's quite capable of knocking it out of the park, even as...

Ah, Illinois!
Four of us travel to Illinois every year with dreams of lugging one of those monstrous corn-fed whitetails back home. Last season, I got to do just that! Our crew consists of my lifelong friend Aubrey "Butterball" Boothe, Barry Payne, Craig Vail and my fat...

You Don't Wanna Go in There
When Davis Smith of White Hall, Ark., lost his deer lease to a group of guys with deeper pockets a few years ago, he felt like a fish out of water. He tried swimming with several small hunting clubs after that, but he never found one he really liked. Davis...

Roarin' Closes the Deal
Robert Eccles had the presence of mind to set his clock back an hour on Halloween night in 2009, but he didn't make the daylight-saving-to-standard-time adjustment with his alarm, which was still set for 6 a.m. It should've been set for 5:00. Already lat...

Buck in the 'Burbs
Scott Esker and his twin brother, Steve, hunt seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. When not carrying a bow, they're packing a camera. "We scout every day as we go about our jobs, and every evening throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter," Scott says. ...
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Mike Handley / RACK Editor / BTR Chairman

Mike Handley

Veteran journalist Mike Handley has been the editor of Rack since its 1999 launch as a subscription-only magazine. The 48-year-old Alabama native also is executive director of Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records and painter of wildlife. Mike has pursued big game in 15 states, two Canadian provinces, Finland and South Africa. He’s living proof that man can survive repeated bustings by long-faced does, a diet formerly laden with pork fat, encounters with black mambas and presidents of the 21st century. He also snores.

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