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Tink's #63
If Tink's could somehow pen up a bunch of 63-year-old men and either figure out where their tarsal glands are or dig between their toes for the interdigital glands, the deer lure company might just have another winner. And the first shipment - seven bottles of "Old Man Smell" - would be to central Ohio. The only hitch is that it could take three or four years to work. If Dan Bradley were still hunting, an eighth bottle would be required. But the 63-year-old deputy sheriff hung up his spurs following the 2008 season, the year he went from goat to hero among his pals who used to joke about his growing collection of unspent deer tags. That was the fourth year for Dan and a group of friends to hunt Ohio's Zaleski State Forest in Vinton County. They usually rent a cabin near Lake Hope State Park (which has to be booked almost a year in advance), from which they can access thousands of acres of public ground. Six guys made the trip in '08, arriving on Nov. 29 with plans to hun... More

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In a Blink
Trophy bucks aren't easy to come by, even in some of the best deer country. Dean Arrington found that out the hard way. By passing up a borderline buck, however, he got a much bigger reward. He drove home from Saskatchewan in 2008 with a rack that eclipsed ...

One Acre and a Mule
Thirty-two years of deer hunting weren't enough to prepare Jerry Kassinger for the buck he shot with his crossbow last season in Ohio. He had no idea the animal's antlers would surpass the lofty 200-inch mark. His first clue about the buck's caliber came wh...

Kosciusko King
My fourth year to hunt deer was 2009. The only buck to my credit, going into that season, wore a little 8-point basket rack. The first three years, I didn't have a good place to hunt, just my back yard and a small lot down the road. In 2008, my father-in-law...

Thirty-Five Seasons and a Day
Maybe my daughter expressed it best: "It was your day to shine, Dad!" After 35 years of hunting deer in Wisconsin, my 15 minutes of fame came on opening day of the 2009 firearms season. The morning passed uneventfully; the evening hunt was over in a matter ...

Could be Downhill from Here
Following the 2008 hunting season, I saw a great 9x7 whitetail that left me counting the days until the next one. All I could do was hope the buck survived the winter. Immediately prior to the 2009 season, I went back to the area where I'd spotted the 16-p...
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Mike Handley / RACK Editor / BTR Chairman

Mike Handley

Veteran journalist Mike Handley has been the editor of Rack since its 1999 launch as a subscription-only magazine. The 48-year-old Alabama native also is executive director of Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records and painter of wildlife. Mike has pursued big game in 15 states, two Canadian provinces, Finland and South Africa. He’s living proof that man can survive repeated bustings by long-faced does, a diet formerly laden with pork fat, encounters with black mambas and presidents of the 21st century. He also snores.

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