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Safe Drivers
Almost all gun work will require screwdrivers, and it's extremely important that the proper screwdriver be used. Most screwdrivers sold in hardware, or home- or auto-supply stores have tapered ends. This allows them to fit a wide variety of screw slot sizes, and it also adds strength. But they are a horrible choice for working on guns and should never be used. The reason is that a tapered screwdriver will cam against the taper as you apply pressure and cause the screwdriver to ride up out of the slot, which will cause it to go skidding off, gouging anything in its path. It might be your hand, which will likely heal, or it could leave an ugly gouge in the gun, which is forever. Either way, it's guaranteed to ruin the screw, probably making it difficult to remove without drilling, and certainly unsightly. The pressure exerted by a screwdriver is amazing when it's applied to a very small surface. A tapered blade in a straight-sided slot contacts the screw only at the top of... More

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Try Before You Buy: New Concept in Gun Shows
Finding the right firearms for hunting or personal defense would be easier if we could do more than just handle them at glass counters in retail stores, perhaps dry-firing them to test the trigger where allowed. Unfortunately, new guns don’t lend themselves...

New Hides for Old Guns
Those of us who can remember when the uniform of most deer hunters was the “Pennsylvania Tuxedo” (a Woolrich red plaid jacket) are a bit astounded at today’s universal acceptance of camo pattern clothing and gear. Even more mind boggling is the application...

The Case for a Good Gun Case
Sitting in a window seat on a 737 jet, I casually watched two luggage tractors heading toward the plane, each pulling a wagon loaded with duffle bags and suitcases from various connecting flights. Suddenly, a gun case that had been teetering atop the mound ...

Blasts from the Past
The two hunters, bent in stealth, padded down the winding, dry creek wash for more than a mile before stopping to get their gear in order for the final stage — climbing a crumbling wall to the prairie floor above. One hunter pulled two .45-70 cartridges fro...

The Case for Iron Sights
For those who are wedded to scopes and consider iron sights relics of the past along with horse buggies and buffalo herds, bear with me. Iron sights still have many uses in the field. They are quick to aim, and with the correct type of sights, they’re close...
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Larry Teague / GunHunter Editor

Larry Teague

Larry Teague has been an outdoors writer and magazine editor for 35 years. He landed his first writing job, penning hunting and fishing reports for the Houston Post newspaper, in 1977. From 1980-1985, he was editor of Gulf Tide magazine, published by the Gulf Coast Conservation Association. For 12 years, Teague was editor of Southern Outdoors magazine, published by B.A.S.S. Inc. He also edited Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World magazine and numerous firearms books before becoming the founding editor of Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine in 2003.

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