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Sure Cures for Wrong-Eye Dominance
There is a surprisingly large number of people with eye complications, the kind of problems that make the act of shooting a rifle awkward or near impossible. The most commonly affected shooters are those who are right-handed but left-eye dominant. Although these shooters instinctively mount a rifle or shotgun to the right shoulder, their left eye is the dominant, clearer or only sighting option. When they mount a gun to the right shoulder, they can’t get a clear picture through the sights or scope with the right eye. For most, the only choice has been to switch to left-handed, but for a naturally right-handed person, the act of shooting from the port side is awkward, unnatural and slow. It doesn’t feel right, doesn’t come to battery quickly, and working the trigger with the left hand is not as controlled as with the right. It simply feels wrong and, consequently, people so afflicted usually just give up shooting. After 30 some-odd years as a professional gun writer, shoot... More

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Quick Accuracy Fixes
Sometimes new rifles don’t shoot as well as we’d like, or worse, a previously dependable rifle goes off its feed. Operator error is often the culprit with a rifle that throws bullets across a target like a slingshot flinging rocks. When the gun itself is th...

This Thing Called Eye Relief
Perhaps no part of a riflescope’s specifications is less understood than eye relief. Many hunters don’t have a clue what their pet scope’s eye relief is, nor do they care. As long as they can bring Ol’ Betsy to the shoulder and instantly find hair in the sc...

The Truth About Long-Range Shooting
Ever since humans first threw a stone to kill a bird, we’ve been searching for tools that can extend that range: slingshots, muzzleloaders, centerfires, rangefinders. To facilitate extreme-range sniping, today’s hunter can use VLD bullets, multi-reticle s...

Care and Cleaning of Binos
A hunting binocular is a bit like a hunting dog. You have to take care of it to get top performance. Fortunately, binos are more easily trained in basic obedience like sit and stay. Lay one on a stump, and it’ll stay there through rain, snow, cold and gloom...

Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide
You look up to see a pheasant coming. In a flash, it’s going to cross right in front of you. Are you going to take that second to think about swing, angles and lead, or are you going to just shoot? “Shotgun shooting is all about disengaging the conscious b...
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Larry Teague / GunHunter Editor

Larry Teague

Larry Teague has been an outdoors writer and magazine editor for 35 years. He landed his first writing job, penning hunting and fishing reports for the Houston Post newspaper, in 1977. From 1980-1985, he was editor of Gulf Tide magazine, published by the Gulf Coast Conservation Association. For 12 years, Teague was editor of Southern Outdoors magazine, published by B.A.S.S. Inc. He also edited Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World magazine and numerous firearms books before becoming the founding editor of Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine in 2003.

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