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Muzzleloader Lessons
Northwestern Kansas is crop country. To the drive-by observer, it’s nothing but flat, tilled fields of corn, milo and wheat stretching from horizon to horizon. What you don’t easily see are the canyons, bluffs and rolling hills hidden amongst that prime farm country. Breaks and canyon lands that create ideal deer cover near endless feed is a formula guaranteed to grow 
big deer. Over the last five years, I’ve had three opportunities to hunt whitetails or mule deer with a muzzleloader in this area, possibly the finest deer hunting country in the states. In each case, the hunt was a unique adventure that taught this longtime muzzleloader hunter a valuable lesson. I’ll share both the adventures and the lessons with you. Both mule deer and whitetails inhabit the north Kansas farm country, and the technique for hunting them varies. Whitetails tend to favor the river bottoms and heavily timbered brush pockets, although the chances of spotting one out on the flats is high, since, like the local mule deer, they travel to and from bedding areas to the standing or cut crop fields to feed. Hunting in stands or blinds is the most effective technique if a mature whitetail is y...

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In Praise of the .375 H&H
I’d been skirting the field for more than an hour, working the wind and the few bits of South African thornbrush that served as cover to get as close as possible to the ancient ram that lorded over the resident blesbok herd. I was still 305 yards away when ...

Beat Wind Drift Without Magnum Recoil
Anyone who has ever pulled the trigger on a Daisy and watched the BB arc and curve toward its target understands wind deflection. The stronger the wind, the farther that BB gets blown off course. Anyone who has shot beyond 250 yards at game in a 20-mph or s...

Belly Down for Accuracy
It was a wild, exhausting stalk. Guide Reg Collingwood and I had spent five grueling hours climbing to the crest of British Columbia’s Skeena range. Once we reached the top, I flopped down to give my rubbery legs a rest, while Reg dug sandwiches and a spott...

The People's Choice
Firsts are memorable: First kiss. First .22 rifle. And, of course, that first deer. Mine came in early light, a jumped buck, one shot at 35 yards with a Model 94 carbine, just like the one comic-book hero Red Ryder trusted. The forkhorn danced a jittery fan...

Deer Rifles East and West
There used to be a marked difference between what was considered an Eastern deer rifle and a Western deer rifle. Characterized by the slab-sided Marlin and Winchester lever actions, the typical Eastern deer rifle was short, fast-handling and capable of six ...
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Larry Teague / GunHunter Editor

Larry Teague

Larry Teague has been an outdoors writer and magazine editor for 35 years. He landed his first writing job, penning hunting and fishing reports for the Houston Post newspaper, in 1977. From 1980-1985, he was editor of Gulf Tide magazine, published by the Gulf Coast Conservation Association. For 12 years, Teague was editor of Southern Outdoors magazine, published by B.A.S.S. Inc. He also edited Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World magazine and numerous firearms books before becoming the founding editor of Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine in 2003.

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