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Ranch Rifle Redux
The ideal coyote rifle? How about an accurate, easy-carrying carbine that shoulders quickly? Song dogs don’t always give you a standing shot, so a rifle that delivers fast follow-up shots would be great. When Ruger’s Mini-14 came along, I thought I had my answer. I got my hands on a Ruger Mini-14 not long after the neat-looking .223 autoloader was introduced. Modeled after the M1/M14 battle rifles I’d once trained with — and resembling the popular U.S. .30 Carbine — the Mini-14 appealed to a lot of sportsmen. It was fun to shoot, but aperture sights limited its long-range varminting potential. There was no easy way to mount a scope. After testing the gun, I returned it to the factory. An improved version of the Mini-14, the Ranch Rifle, was announced in 1982. It featured integral scope bases and a new internal buffer to keep scope crosshairs intact under the pounding of a hard-cycling action. This rifle often rode in the rear window rack of pickup trucks, inspiring the ... More

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Coping With Wind Drift
One of the more common bits of advice to shooters is “Allow a little for the wind.” Most of us know the wind will blow a bullet off course. Most of us don’t know how, why or how far. Any of us planning on shooting much beyond 200 yards should. Wind can turn...

Pick Your Performance Range
A hunter wanting to push the limits of long-range shooting with more room for error needs a flat-shooting rifle. Remington’s .300 Ultra Mag, launching a 180-grain bullet at over 3,200 feet per second, is one of the flattest-shooting cartridges available. B...

Bust Claybirds on a Budget
Shotgunning is more art than science. That’s painfully obvious when you hunt quail, ducks, pheasants or any other upland birds. Carefully aim a shotgun as you do a rifle, and you’ll miss every time. Even if birds rained from the sky every time you touched a...

How Low Can You Go?
Recoil (ri koyl) — To move back suddenly and violently, for example, after impact. Any way you look at it, recoil means something’s coming back at you. And as it relates to firearms, how fast and hard that is depends on a lot of factors. But no matter whic...

Sure Cures for Wrong-Eye Dominance
There is a surprisingly large number of people with eye complications, the kind of problems that make the act of shooting a rifle awkward or near impossible. The most commonly affected shooters are those who are right-handed but left-eye dominant. Although ...
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Larry Teague / GunHunter Editor

Larry Teague

Larry Teague has been an outdoors writer and magazine editor for 35 years. He landed his first writing job, penning hunting and fishing reports for the Houston Post newspaper, in 1977. From 1980-1985, he was editor of Gulf Tide magazine, published by the Gulf Coast Conservation Association. For 12 years, Teague was editor of Southern Outdoors magazine, published by B.A.S.S. Inc. He also edited Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World magazine and numerous firearms books before becoming the founding editor of Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine in 2003.

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