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Blizzard Buck
By 1994, Clyde Albers had grown weary of asking others for permission to hunt on ground he didn't own. So Clyde spoke to his banker about buying some bottomland near his home in Minden, Neb.  The banker told him that he would approve the loan, but, for...

Winning the Illinois (Deer) Lottery
Sometimes the best deer harvests don't have the most exciting stories -- "I got to the tree, an hour later the deer came by and I got him." And at first glance that would appear to be the case for the monster 12-pointer I was blessed to take on Nov. 7, 2004...

Do Your Own Bow
Bowhunters who know how to rig their own bows can easily make repairs away from the local pro shop. Not only does this save time, but it also lets archers become more familiar with their bows and the weapon’s mechanics.

Weather or Not to Hunt
Smart deer hunters stay home on bad weather days. Yeah right, we’ve been hearing that one for years. However some deer hunters seem bound and determined to learn things the hard way. I’m one of them. So there I sat atop a 16-foot tripod in a blinding rain. ...

Entering the 10-Ring
In this world of fast food, fast living, and fast everything, the rush is too often carried over into the world of whitetail hunting. Unless you regularly beat the odds at Las Vegas, luck won’t carry you very far in rushing a hunt for a respectable whitetail b...

Deep Woods Deep Freeze
On your maiden voyage to hunt the ultimate whitetail in the sub-zero winterlands of the northwestern U.S. or western Canada, you will inevitably meet the unexpected, perhaps at just the wrong moment. It may cost you the trophy for which you’ve paid so dearly. ...

Turkey Hunter's First Commandment: Thou Shalt Pattern Thy Gun
Veteran turkey chasers and newcomers to the sport have been quick to snap up the customized shotguns made for turkey hunting. They practice calling and then head to the woods in search of a big ol' Tom. Before the first moment of legal shooting time, though, t...

Eights Are Great
During the 1997 hunting season I had the good fortune of being invited to Texas for two whitetail hunts. Although each was in a different location and offered unique terrain, both were for management bucks. These hunts are designed to remove bucks from the her...

The .25-06: Deadly On Deer
One thing I’ve learned in my years as a hunter and outdoors writer is that hunters never agree on a single perfect rifle caliber for whitetails, or anything else for that matter. The truth is that any single choice of caliber for all deer hunting on this plane...

The Collora Buck
On Oct. 11, 1996, when Sam Collora of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, released his arrow, he made deer hunting history by bagging the BTR’s highest-ranking typical deer ever taken with a compound bow. In 1997, Sam’s buck, scoring 204 6/8, was awarded the Golden Laurel Cit...
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