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How I Found My Hunting Partners
“Be still,” I whispered to Jordan. The doe saw our odd shapes at the base of the tree and stopped to study us for a moment. She soon decided that we didn’t belong there and beat a hasty retreat. A short time later, I spied a small deer standing farther down the ridge behind where the doe had been. “Take your time and shoot that one, Jordan,” I whispered. At the shot, the deer jumped straight up and ran into the brush. Awhile later, I saw the deer lying in the leaves. “Look over this way, Jordan,” I shouted. The look on his face when he spotted the deer was priceless. The button buck might just as well have been a trophy buck for all that Jordan cared. He couldn’t have been happier with his first deer. As I’ve tried to prepare my kids to be deer hunters, I don’t know who has learned more – my son, Jordan, my stepdaughter, Amanda, or me. For several years, the kids showed mild interest in my hunts. Amanda and Jordan were allowed to share in my hunting experiences and were t... More

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Tinkle Up a Buck
During several years of hunting in West Virginia, I had the great pleasure of getting to know an elderly mountain man who has harvested more than his share of trophy bucks. I arrived at his secluded farm for one of my visits while he was working in his bar...

Mapping Trophy Bucks
The contour map revealed a long ridge slicing through the big timber, eventually splitting into a “Y.” Fifty yards before the split, a dip in the ridge formed a saddle. As a bonus, a deep erosion cut ran from the valley all the way up to just short of the s...

Breakfast with Whitetails
One of the benefits of being an outdoors writer is the bonus of hunting and wildlife photography – deer in particular – as part of the job. Most of my whitetail encounters are made from fall into spring, which is why I decided to have breakfast with the whi...

Tricks of the Trade
There’s nothing magical about being a successful whitetail bowhunter. Like everything else in life, there is no shortcut to success. The individual who applies himself will be the most successful. Learning the tricks of the trade is a process that never end...

King of the Hill
Last September, my wife changed my computer screensaver to read, “Tim, you are awesome and I hope you score big on your hunt this year! Love you, SK.” So when the alarm buzzed at 4:30 a.m. on the cool, crisp morning of Oct. 28, 2005, I was confident in her ...
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Ken Piper / Buckmasters Editor

Ken Piper

Buckmasters editor Ken Piper grew up hunting whitetails with his father, uncles and cousins on public land in Blair County, Pennsylvania. He earned a journalism degree from Penn State in 1987 and joined the Buckmasters team in 2000. "Thanks to Buckmasters, I’ve hunted some of the best places in the country, but I’ll never forget that public-land, blue-collar hunters are the heart of our sport," he says. "Hopefully we can all remember the simple joy of taking any deer and spending time with friends and family. That’s what I strive for in the pages of Buckmasters."

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