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Top Secret Public Land Tip

Top Secret Public Land Tip

By Buckmasters Life Member Kyle Albrecht

I like to bowhunt Missouri’s public hunting grounds from mid-September thru mid-January, which is a long season.

This is permissible in Missouri because a compound bow is considered a legal weapon during all the deer seasons as long as you have the appropriate tag.

I’ve kept my key to public land success a secret for some time now, but am glad to share.

I’ve discovered deer move the most between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. because other hunters move so much during early morning and late afternoon hours.

Deer have patterned us because most hunters have made a routine of leaving their stands to go eat lunch or use the bathroom, then returning to their stands pretty much at the same times of day throughout the season.

I’ve found being patient and having confidence in your stand choices will result in great success, but staying put and letting the deer come to you through midday is the key.

The 10 ‘til 2 period really gets hot during the rut! I’ve experienced great success with my bow during the firearms season year after year.

Editor’s Note: Like Missouri, here in the Alabama the season lasts several months and the smarter deer have patterned hunters within a week or two. Just as Kyle states, I’ve also found when the pressure is on, especially during the rut or full moon, the 10 ‘til 2 trick really works. It might seem unnatural to hunt in broad daylight, but try it sometime and you’ll see!  - Tim H. Martin/Buckmasters Online Editor

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