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Three Beams and a Red Wasp

Kyle Thomas

First buck might be Oklahoman's buck of a lifetime

By Kyle Thomas

People have told me my unusual three-beamed buck is a trophy of a lifetime. It just so happens to be my first buck.

It all started in late November during Oklahoma's rifle season. I was hunting just north of Pawhuska, near the Kansas line.

My friend Clint and I had planned to sit together in a box stand. While climbing inside the stand, he swatted a red wasp on me and it landed right on my face.

When the wasp hit me, I was at the top of the ladder. I was so surprised that I reacted by jumping about eight feet to the ground for the fear of being stung in the face.

After recovering from the fall, I was pretty upset at Clint and told him I would just hunt alone that evening.

I had been hearing something every evening walking along the tree line and out of sight from the box stand, so I walked to the tree line and found a good place to sit along a game trail.

About thirty minutes and a few grunt calls after I sat down, I heard the sound of something crunching leaves in the woods. It was walking my direction.

Finally, after what seemed to be a long wait, I spotted a nice buck slowly making its way toward me.

The longer I waited, the more nervous I got. I had what they call buck fever. It was just me and my British .303 waiting for what I hoped to be my first buck ever.

Hunting Stories Wanted!Slowly, it continued making its way toward me, and before I knew it, it was 10 yards in front of me, staring me directly in the eye.

I had two choices. I could raise my gun and shoot, or wait until the deer looked away.

With the fear of this monster running away, I quickly raised my rifle and somehow dropped it where it stood.

I was so happy and shaking so badly that I couldn't even stand up!

After calming down, I got up and walked over to look at my first buck. It had an extra, third beam and is said to be something so rare the odds are very slim that I will ever shoot another.

In the end, my friend swatting that wasp in my face was a pretty good thing after all. If that hadn't happened, I wouldn't have a buck of a lifetime hanging on my wall!

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