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This should be a great year to hunt

IversonBy Zach Iverson

The 2008 Colorado hunting season was my first hunting season. I was 12 years old at the time, and I had a lot of company. I went with my dad, grandpa, aunt, great-aunt and great uncles.

We woke up opening morning, had a great breakfast and then we headed out to hunt. I started hunting with my aunt, then ended up with my dad after a few minutes.

My dad and I were sitting in a clearing, looking around for animals. To both sides of us were clumps of trees. Two does came out of the trees to the left of us and headed for the other bunch of trees, to the right.

A few minutes later, behind the does, there were two bucks. As they ran at full speed by my dad and me, since we each had buck tags, we began to aim to shoot. My dad missed his buck, but I got mine. I shoot a .30-30 rifle with open sights. The bucks were about 100 yards from us.

For my first hunting trip I did fairly well. I am looking forward to hunting again this year. Unfortunately, I did not draw a buck tag but I did draw a cow elk tag. This should be a great year to hunt.

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