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There’s Always Room for Luck

ZufeltBy Travis Zufelt

-- Long before the general archery season began for our beautiful state of Utah, I had done my homework and put in many hours scouting, somehow making enough time to maintain my regular duties of husband and father of five. I was working on a plan to harvest a big muley I had been watching for a few months prior to hunting season.

I had been seeing the buck mainly in the evening, so I devised a plan to be on his path before he came to his favorite feeding area. With this strategy in place, I realized I was free for the morning opener. Therefore, I accepted an invitation from a good friend to hunt a couple of bucks he had been watching near his home 25 miles to the south.

Finally, opening morning arrived. I checked my gear, loaded up and headed out to meet my buddy. With great expectations and anticipation for a good hunt, we set up in the area he had been watching. As we sat in our blinds and watched the sun rise, we saw a few does, but nothing with antlers. The morning slipped away.

By 12:30 p.m., we were getting hungry, so we decided to go back to my place and get some lunch. The kids all ran out to meet us when we pulled up in the front drive. My wife, a total sweetheart, had already started cooking, so I grabbed a cold beverage and my favorite lawn chair and perched it out front by the wading pool where my 2-year-old daughter was playing.

I was really enjoying the quality time with my daughter when something caught my eye. I looked out to the end of the property, and there was a buck running across the end of our three acres.

I jumped out of my chair and ran through the front door screaming, "Someone watch the baby in the pool," while running out the back door. I hopped in my truck and headed out in hot pursuit.

I drove around the end of the property and, to my amazement, caught the buck standing about 10 feet off the edge of a field. I stopped the truck, grabbed my bow and began to stalk. When I got to within bow range, I drew back, took aim and let the arrow fly. The buck dropped in its tracks. Just like that, my hunt was over.

While it wasn’t the buck I had been watching for so long, it was a more than enough to put a smile on my face. It just goes to show that no matter how much time you put in the field, there’s always room for a little luck.

Travis Zufelt
Lynndyl, Utah

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