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Then There Were Eight

Expo 2008
Josh Deering of Maple City, Mich., takes aim on the Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Championship course. He is in second place going into the fifth round of competition with 654 points.
By Daniel Dye

--Tom Pruitt maintains Buckmasters Top Bow Championship lead

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Tom Pruitt of Stotts City, Mo., was the only archer to accumulate more than 700 points during the first four rounds of competition at the 2008 Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Championship.

“I practiced a lot on the running deer targets at home before the event,” Pruitt said. “You have to hit the runners to stay in this competition.”

So far his preparation for this high-stakes event has paid off. Pruitt and three other competitors turned in perfect performances during the forth round.

“I’ve tried to keep my nerves under my hat, shoot 10 arrows in each round and just see what happens,” Pruitt said.

Josh Deering of Maple City, Mich., let the first place position slip out of his hands after he scored 131 points in the forth round. Pruitt leads Deering 706-654 going into Sunday’s fifth round.

A quick glance at the Top Bow scoreboard showed that the final eight archers are worthy to compete in the head-to-head matches that begin today at 10 a.m. Up for grabs is a first-place prize of $25,000 and the 2008 Top Bow title.

The target sequence in the third round of competition proved to be a challenge. Deering was the only archer to hit all 10 targets.

“This competition is fun,” Deering said. “I was taking those rounds just one shot at a time.” This is Deering’s third shot at the Top Bow title.

Randy Barley of Brown Summit, N.C., just made the cut for Sunday after he posted a perfect forth round which moved him from 18th to 8th place.

Jamie Patterson, 2007 Buckmasters Top Bow champion, saw his chance for a repeat go by the wayside after he scored 134 points in the forth round. He finished the tournament in 11th place.

The Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Grand Finale round will be emceed by Jackie Bushman, Buckmasters founder and CEO. The champion will be crowned at 1:45 p.m.

Name/Hometown/Round 1/Round 2/Round 3/Round 4/Combined Score
Tom Pruitt/Stotts City, Mo./134/189/178/205/706
Josh Deering/Maple City, Mich./147/173/203/131/654
Skipper Booth/Tuscaloosa, Ala./116/186/132/195/629
Tom Boatwright/Perdido, Ala./130/161/170/162/623
Hunter Junkin/Gordo, Ala./147/143/129/195/614
Clyde Huckeba/Oxford, Ala./159/107/182/152/600
Gene Goddard/Brighton, Iowa/149/140/176/128/593
Randy Barley/Brown Summit, N.C./109/124/153/195/581

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