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The Stick in the Eye

The Stick in the Eye

A Cautionary Tale
By Frank Peterson

I recently read Buckmasters Tip of the Week about how flashlights save lives. This reminded me of something that happened to me last year while walking to my treestand in the dark.

Like most hunters, I like to enter the woods well before dawn to settle into my position long before deer start moving through my area.

On this particular morning, I turned on my flashlight and slowly made my way up the side of a mountain. Then it happened.

While focusing on walking my path by flashlight beam, I was suddenly stuck in the eye with a small branch.

It hurt so much I immediately turned around and worked my way back to camp to see what damage I'd done.

When I looked in the mirror, I discovered a small piece of the tree branch was caught underneath my eyelid. Luckily, I was able to remove it without further damage to my eye, but my hunt was over for the day.

Later, I thought about the incident and decided to perform an experiment.

After dark, I walked to a tree with head-high branches and stood. Then, I turned on the flashlight and discovered what I already suspected - I couldn't see the branches that weren't in the beam of light even though they were right next to my eyes.

Now, I wear a pair of clear safety glasses while I work my way through the woods in the dark. You can pick up an inexpensive pair of safety glasses or goggles in the hardware section of most stores. Just keep them in your backpack when you get to your treestand. They come in handy when riding an ATV, as well.

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