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The Secondary Rut

Check Out Our Video TipsIf you don’t tag out during the primary rut, you have a second chance. The secondary rut occurs about 28 days after the primary rut is over. Any adult doe not successfully bred during the primary rut will come into heat again on the 28th day of her estrus cycle.

In addition, early-born doe fawns often come into their first heat at this time. Watch for signs of the secondary rut. You’ll find rubs that are newly touched up and both new scrapes and older ones that have been freshened. The bucks are more than happy to take advantage of another breeding opportunity.

Use the same rut-hunting tactics you would use during the primary rut, including grunting and doe bleats. Hunt heavy cover near doe concentration areas. However, you should hunt more cautiously and be a bit more subtle with your calls. The secondary rut is not as intense, and the bucks are more aware of hunting pressure.