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Cindy Cannady

Self-Taught Artist Inspired by Bushman's Buck

By Tim H. Martin

Cindy Cannady is not a professional artist. She's never had formal training, but simply has a love to create, a passion for the outdoors and a giving heart.

Last year, while flipping through her boyfriend's copy of "Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine," Cindy was mesmerized by a photo of a deer arrowed by Jackie Bushman.

The photo was part of an article written by Ken Piper and titled "Murphy's Law." It depicts the drop-tined buck Jackie took in Montana during the 2010 season.

Cindy said, "There was something about the buck that struck a chord with me, something about the look in its eyes. Because of that expression, I titled the painting "The One That Haunts You."

The self-taught folk artist from Prattville, Ala., decided her passion for painting and Jackie's passion for hunting should intermingle. So she got out her acrylic paints and created her interpretation of his special buck and the look in its eyes. When she finished, Cindy drove to Buckmasters headquarters in Montgomery and gave her beautiful creation to Jackie.

Cindy Cannady"I just wanted Jackie to have it. Since I knew he worked right down the road, I scheduled a visit and was happy to be able to give the painting to him in person and tell him about how his buck inspired me.

"I didn't realize the mount of this very buck was in the Buckmasters lobby, and I got to have my photo taken with it, the painting and Jackie, too!"

Jackie said, "I love Cindy's interpretation of the deer! She really captured the look in the old droptine's eyes and did such a great job. It's one of the most unique gifts I've ever received and I am truly honored."

Cindy is new to hunting but has already developed a zeal for it, thanks to her boyfriend, David Radford.

"He took me hunting on our very first date. It was so much fun!

"Although I haven't taken my first deer yet, I hope I will have my own "Murphy's Law" story to write about one day."

Hunting has become a family activity since her daughter, Kelli Creamer, whom Cindy thought would never be a hunter, was also introduced to hunting by a boyfriend, Kevin Lambert.

"No one truly understands what it is to be a hunter until you go into the woods and spend the day," Cindy said.

"And like hunting, painting is something I will always want to do from now on. Who knows? Maybe I will be like Grandma Moses and be discovered late in life. I'd like to paint until I'm 101!"

Editor's Note: As a fellow artist and son of a wildlife artist, I can fully appreciate Cindy's wonderful painting. She does not paint full time, but I bet if you'd like to contact her about a commissioned work, she'd be happy to work with you. Make inquiries to Cindy "L'il Red" Cannady via email:

And if you'd like to comment or tell Cindy you like her artwork, become a fan of Buckmasters' Facebook page and look for the photo of Cindy presenting her painting to Jackie. We'd love to hear from you!

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