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Bill Testerman

By Mike Handley

Bill Testerman of Belton, Mo., is more accustomed to buying condiments than paying for taxidermy. Prior to last season, he regarded most deer as roasts on four legs.

Now that his name has gone into the record book alongside the newest BTR world record, however, antlers carry a bit more cachet.

Oh, racks have and will always make any hunter giddy. It's why people who pore over trail camera photographs will fast-forward through National Geographic-quality doe pictures to stare for hours at a grainy, barely decipherable image of a 2 1/2-year-old 8-pointer.

Before Bill put an arrow through this giant 13-pointer last year, he devoted a lot of eye time to a buck photographed by a trail cam. It was a bad picture, from a bad angle, and there was no way to count points.

But he got a better look when he jumped the animal in some CRP about two weeks before bow season opened. Bill was impressed, but he says he didn't dwell on the animal. He was more interested in his annual hunt with a friend.

"Oct. 21 was warm, and I really didn't expect to see anything. Everything was wrong, except for the wind direction," Bill told Jill Easton, who's penning his story for RACK magazine.

Just after 8:00, about the time he was seriously considering going in for breakfast, Bill saw this buck and a doe emerge from the tree line.

Later, when Bill and his buddy found the deflated buck, the friend said it was an easy "mid-160s" (with the spread). His taxidermist figured it would top 180.

Both were far off the mark. Its BTR composite score is 208 4/8 inches.

The Linn County, Mo., brute is a new state and world record among Perfects felled by compound bow. There's one bigger - the famous Mel Johnson Buck from Illinois - that was also taken by an arrow, but Mel was shooting a recurve, which is a whole 'nother category within the BTR

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# larrypressley
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:07 AM
wow! congratulations bill. what a fine animal. i guess their is still hope for me yet!

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