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The Hunters

By Carol Coventry

Faith Ramser
Faith Ramser, 7, with a four-point buck, her second deer.

My name is Faith Ramser, and I am eight years old and in the second grade in school. I live in the country with my dad, John Ramser who is a job foreman, my mom Tricia who is a school teacher, my five-year old sister Charity and our baby sister Jenna who is two. We have one cat and our dogs are named Scoobie, Bubba, Luke and Lightening.

Our dad loves to hunt deer and turkeys. We only kill what we can eat. We always have our meat butchered and put in the freezer to use later.

When I was just five years old, I asked Dad to take me hunting with him. So Dad bought me a crossbow and a tripod to sit it on. Dad taught me how to shoot and showed me many things about hunting and safety. I was pretty young then but I still remember them. By the time I was six years old, I was a pretty good shot with my bow.

One day Dad said he thought I was ready to hunt.

We got up early that first morning and put our things in the back of Dad's pickup truck and we went hunting.  I remember it was very cold and windy that day. We watched the field where we were hunting. It seemed like we were there for hours. We didn't see anything that morning, so we came back that evening and watched and waited some more. Then suddenly, a doe appeared in the field. I took careful aim on her and when Dad gave me the signal to shoot, I put a well placed shot into the deer and bagged my first deer a doe, at age six.

Charity Ramser
Charity Ramser, 5, with her first doe.

When I was seven Dad took me out again. This time I got a four point buck.

This year Charity asked if she could go hunting too. Dad said, "Okay, let's see what you've got."

Dad started taking her out in the evenings. They hunted several times but a good shot never presented itself. One evening Dad decided to take her to the turnip patch and set up her tripod up there.

Suddenly a doe came out into the field catching them in the open field but Charity stayed absolutely still. When the Doe was 20 yards away Dad told her to take the shot.  Charity isn't as tall as I was at her age and she could hardly reach the trigger but she put a good shot on the doe and then found her first deer 50 yards away. She only five years old and in kindergarten.

When I ask Charity how she liked the cold and the wind, she said she didn't remember the weather at all. She just remembered being so excited.  I'm sure she will be out hunting with us next year.

We would never have discovered the world of hunting if it hadn't been for our Dad, who taught us to shoot along with safety rules and hunting laws. He also taught us about discipline in the field and the importance of a clean shot, and to always fight for our right to hunt.

Thanks, Dad, for your time and patience. Faith and Charity.

The author says:  My nephew is an avid hunter with three daughters and no sons. When his oldest daughter was born, he brought her home from the hospital in camo clothes. At the age of five, Faith, his oldest, asked if she could go hunting with her dad, so he bought her a crossbow and a tripod of her own.

At the age of six, Faith got her first deer, a doe. At the age of seven she shot a four point buck. About this time her little sister Charity decided she wanted to hunt, too, so she practiced with the crossbow until she was a very good shot.

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YBO Home PageWhen Charity asked if she could go hunting, her dad said “Let's see what you've got.” Charity got a doe this year at age five. Faith and Charity’s father has spent much time and patience teaching his daughters about hunting and hunting safety. The girls are very disciplined.

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