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The Hide-and-Seek Buck

WrightBy Nicole Corwin

-- We live in Michigan, and it was the last week of the 2006 deer season. My boyfriend, Nate Wright, went out about 5:30 a.m., determined to bag a deer. I received a phone call around 11:30 a.m. from Nate. He was hysterical. He said, "I got a big one, babe!" I could hear the excitement in his voice, and I was really happy for him.

I waited for Nate to get home so I could see his trophy. Okay, I know you're saying this sounds like an average story but here's the kicker - we promised his 6-year-old son, Klayton, we would pick him up if daddy got a buck. So, we head off to get the little guy from school with the buck in the back of the truck. We get to the school and went in to get Klayton. When we get back out to the truck, I look and the buck was GONE!

Immediately, Nate starts freaking out, so we began retracing our steps. Nothing! We stopped at the state police post to see if anyone had called about a buck in the road. The officer told us that they did receive a call, but the officer who went to the scene was already off duty for the weekend and would not be back at work until Monday. This made Nate pretty mad, but all we could do was wait.

Monday came and when we finally got in touch with the officer, he explained to us that he gave the deer away!

At this point Nate was enraged. How could you give something away like that? Plus, Nate's tag was on the buck, which had his name and driver's license number on it. The officer said it was out of his hands now and that Nate should have secured it better in the back of the truck.

After all this drama and headache, we contacted our local DNR officer to help us find the deer. By this time we had almost the whole city of Jackson on the look out for his deer.

We were about to post signs asking for information as to who had the deer. Nearly two weeks had passed, and we found the person who had the deer. The meat had been processed but he gave us the head.

The mount now hangs on our wall and we have one heck of a story as to how it got there.

Nicole Corwin and Nathan Wright
Stockbridge, Michigan

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