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The Goat Cap

What's the one old item you just can't bear to part with?

By Tim H. Martin

Every hunter seems to have one dear old thing they just can't bear to chuck.

It's usually a cap, a lucky shirt, an old jacket, a rusty knife or something of great sentimental value.

In the case of my 1986 Buckmasters membership cap, it hasn't mattered how ratty or smelly it's gotten, or how much the wife nags me to get rid of the "Goat Cap," it continues to earn a reprieve from Goodwill.

I don't know why I fight to keep it. It's probably the ugliest lid in the history of hunting caps, with green plastic mesh, a puffy foam front, and it sits on top of my head like the pop-up roof of a V.W. mini-van.

The "buck" on the silk-screened logo does indeed look more like a Billy goat than any creature known to the deer family; an antlered llama perhaps? Actually, I think it looks closer to a Star Wars character.

But I cherish the Goat Cap and have fought for its stay of execution every spring cleaning since 1986.

Maybe it's because '86 was the first year of Buckmasters existence and my very first membership cap. Or maybe it's because I was wearing it the afternoon I shot my first 10-pointer, when it became my "lucky" cap.

Whatever the reason, I plan to continue hanging on to my Goat Cap.

And who knows? Maybe mesh backs will come back into style instead of these silly sideways flatbills the kids are all wearing these days. I wouldn't want to be caught unprepared should the lid come back in!

Editor's Note: Go to our Facebook page and comment about your unchuckable item. Just look for the photo of Tim's beautiful Goat Cap.

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