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The 6-Point Squirrel

RomeroBy Ed Romero

-- I haven’t been hunting very long due to my work schedule, but a long-time friend talked me into starting to hunt with him. My boys wanted to start as well, so I began to spend my available time learning the sport and helping them.

I had some time off due to a shoulder injury and surgery. That was the good news. The bad news is that I had to learn to shoot my bow left-handed.

My sons and I got permission to hunt a wooded area we never been on before. We scouted diligently and were pretty sure we had a good game plan. Then, before hunting season, we got a major flood here in Ohio and that changed everything. We had to go and scout again just a few days before bow season opened.

With my bad shoulder, I knew climbing treestand was out of the question and that I would have to try a ground blind. We finally found a promising-looking spot with good shooting lanes. We left and waited for the big day.

RomeroOpening morning found me in my blind with big expectations, but as time passed with no deer showing up, I began to doze; my helper/guide was doing the same.

About that time, I heard something that sounded like an elephant on my side of the blind. I woke with a start, sending a jolt of pain through my shoulder. I looked to my friend, who whispered, “It’s only a squirrel.”

All that ran through my mind at that point was that’s no squirrel!

About that time, my partner looked out his window and found himself face-to-face with a buck.

In total shock, he whispered, “It’s a 6-point buck!”

I shot back, “Don’t you mean a 6-point squirrel?”

We didn’t get the deer, but we got a good laugh out of the situation. We also learned a thing or two about hunting from ground blinds.

I still have plenty more to learn about hunting, but I know enough to know that I love it.

Ed Romero
Findley, Ohio

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