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The $10 Bow Buck

By Casey Jones

Casey Jones

One morning back in 1996, I decided to go deer hunting on some private land that was mostly cut soy bean and corn fields. It was early bow season in Ohio, cold and misting rain.

I got out well before daylight. I was standing on the edge of some young pine trees where I knew deer where coming in and out of the fields.

The mist got a little heavier, and there was no deer movement whatsoever. Now wet, I went back to the pickup and changed into my bunny huntin’ clothes to go rabbit and pheasant hunting for awhile. While I was changing, I looked in my mirror and saw a deer in a cut bean field about 400 yards away.

There was a ditch line leading out toward the deer and to brush piles in between. I put my gun up, grabbed my bow and off I went.

I made it to the second brush pile without being detected. That’s when I saw the buck chasing a doe. I’d belly-crawled 200 yards and was now about 45 away from both deer.

The doe came to the right of the brush pile and stopped, looking directly at me! Then the buck joined her.

I took the shot from my knees. The arrow passed underneath him. Off they went into a standing corn field. I decided to go in after them.

It was the stalk of a lifetime. That field was full of deer! About 15 rows in, I saw the first one. Swoosh. Missed! This happened four more times Out of arrows and not able to find any I’d loosed, I went home, got money, went back to a sporting goods store and I had six more arrows made.

After making another stop for broadheads, back to the corn field I went.

I spotted something close, and got down on one knee and waited. All of sudden, a head went up. I froze. After 30 seconds, the deer just turned and walked away. I stood up and backed up with my heart pounding and barely able to breathe, and began to cross rows.

After about 10 rows I started up the row toward the deer. I didn’t see or hear anything so I leaned back into the next row, and there it was, I drew when it turned and crossed right in front of me. I didn’t remember to aim; I just pointed and released.

I watched the arrow sink in for a near perfect kill shot on a big buck at 10 yards.

The clock started. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life! Finally, the giant 10 point was at my feet. There I was, celebrating in the middle of a 300-acre corn field, with no one to help drag it out!

I took this buck with $10 bow, my first compound, which I bought at a yard sale. No matter how many other bows I buy, sell or trade, this one will never leave my possession.

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