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That's No Doe!

Jacob RickettBy Jacob Rickett

-- I play baseball at North Georgia College State and University. When not in class or on the ball field, I'm in the woods - either hunting deer or chasing turkeys in Oglethorpe County. If it's not hunting season, I'm bass fishing.

Opening day of muzzleloader season was Oct. 11. I was hunting a large cornfield where I'd seen a great 8-pointer during bow season. It was 7:20 and drizzling rain when I looked up and saw this deer. I recognized the big 4x4 almost immediately.

I quickly shouldered my Encore and squeezed the trigger. The deer kicked afterward, which told me I'd made a good shot.

I was so excited that the first thing I did was call my dad. As I waited, giving the deer time, I heard my uncle shoot, and then I heard my brother's rifle roar. I learned both had taken does, and they agreed to come help me find my deer.

When I got to the spot where the deer had been standing, I couldn't find any blood or hair, which planted doubt in my mind. I was starting to feel sick.

En route to me, my uncle called to ask again what I'd shot. I told him "a big buck."

When he got there, he asked if I'd found any sign. Afterward, he told me that on his way over, he'd seen a dead doe next to the road. We then walked over to where he claimed to have seen the doe. As we got closer, I saw the antlers and took off running. I couldn't believe my eyes!

I was fist-pumping and giving my brother and uncle high-fives. In all the excitement, I didn't even realize, at first, that my uncle had been pulling my leg.

My deer ended up scoring 127 inches - my biggest deer ever.

Jacob Rickett
Cumming Ga.

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