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Adam Wireman

By Mike Handley

Adam Wireman has many reasons to honor his mother, Dianne, on Mother's Day. This year, there was one more.

Had it not been for dear mom, Adam's 2011 deer season would've ended very differently. Not only did she make it possible for him to scale his favorite ladder stand on Oct. 12 by baby-sitting at the last minute, but she also pointed him to the dead buck for which he'd been searching for four days.

Adam and his brother, Tyler, hunt their parents' 130-acre farm in Pike County, Ohio. They know the place like it's their own personal playground, which, of course, it was.

Adam moved his 20-foot ladder before the season opened, hoping to be closer to where a giant buck was photographed by a trail camera the previous year. A stomach ache cut short his first vigil from it. The second time he climbed those rungs, the deer gods smiled upon him.

Within an hour of his ascent, two small bucks approached from the thicket behind him. Adam then heard some loud noises from another thicket in front of him.

"Since it was getting close to last light, I decided to stand up and be ready in case something came out," he said. "I heard more stomping and, when I focused, I saw a huge rack within the brush about 40 to 50 yards in front of me. I knew immediately the buck was a shooter. All I could see were humongous antlers swinging back and forth between the saplings as the buck came straight toward me."

Adam loosed his arrow when the enormous deer was at 30 yards. He and Tyler, as well as a couple of buddies, spent the next four days looking for it.

On the fifth day following his encounter with the buck (and the last of his five off-days), Adam left his kids with his mother in order to go to the gym to lift weights.

"While I was gone, she took them for a ride on the four-wheeler," he said. "As she crested the old dam, she caught a whiff of something rancid. When I returned, she told me there was something dead in the pond."

It was his deer.

The rack's BTR composite score is 194 4/8 inches. The full story behind's Adam's hunt and the recovery will appear this fall in Rack magazine.

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Colton Lee
# Colton Lee
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:27 PM
Congrats, what an incredible deer. I just thought of this, but I have figured out how to eliminate losing so many wounded deer. Great patent idea. 304-476-7325

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