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Texas Trailer Buck

MontgomeryBy Steve Montgomery

-- My wife's grandfather owns 100 acres south of Ozona, Texas. Hunting is usually pretty good, but this year things were a little different. I suppose there was a lot of hunting pressure from surrounding land owners. I had my son, Brandon, come down from Texas Tech University, where he is in school.

He had never killed a buck before, and I really wanted to give him an opportunity to harvest a decent deer. We had hunted four days, and he was going to have to go back to school on Sunday. We saw some small bucks and a few does over the next few days. On Saturday, the weather brought rain and a 40 mph crosswind.

Brandon took a shot at an 8-point buck at about 200 yards that evening. Shooting uphill with the strong crosswind proved to be too much for him. We looked for signs of a wounded deer, but to no avail.

We turned in that night thinking a buck was not in my son's future. The next morning, Grandpa wasn't feeling well because he fell the day before while we were hunting. We decided to stay close to camp and watch the rain that fell lightly. Around 7 a.m., I looked out the door of our camper and spotted a decent 8-point buck positioned up the hill from us.

Brandon hopped out of bed and grabbed my rifle. As I held the camper door open, Brandon shot a very nice symmetrical 8-point buck, while propping the gun on the latch of the screen door. He dropped the deer in its tracks at about 90 yards, while still in his underwear.

He went home a very happy young man, and needless to say, I was a proud Pappa. Although I told him future hunts would not come so easy, I did get him some camo underwear for Christmas just in case the opportunity arises again.
Steve Montgomery
Brandon Montgomery
Katy, Texas 

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