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Texas' Other Big Game

By Aaron Lee Barbosa

Aaron Lee BarbosaLike most other hunters, I pursue whitetails in fall and winter seasons, but after the deer season ends, I keep on hunting. One way to do this is to hunt exotics, which can be taken year-round in Texas.

I have been after a Exotic Sheep Slam for three years now. Hunting with outfitter and good friend Sam Perez in Falfurrias, Texas, I have collected a black Hawaiian ram, mouflon, Texas Dall sheep and the strange Jacobs’ Four Horn sheep.

There is also a Super Slam of Exotics, which requires the taking of an axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, blackbuck antelope, mouflon sheep, auodad, Corsican sheep, ibex, red deer and Catalina goat.

I hunted the beautiful Texas Dall variety in April 2007 during a rare spring cold front that dropped temperatures in the 40s. I stalked the animal for a few thousand yards through the South Texas thorn brush, tearing my camo shirt and scratching my skin. Although these animals are almost pure white and are easy to spot, getting within bow range of them is difficult.

Aaron Lee BarbosaI decided to take a break and eat lunch in the brush. I wanted to give the sheep a chance to calm down. I took up the chase again an hour later, but was unable to stalk close enough for a shot.

It was getting late, so I decided a different approach the next day. It worked, and finally the sheep was within bow range. I loosed the arrow, and it flew where I aimed. The sheep scored a high silver medal, almost gold, with 9-inch bases and 29-inch horns around the curl.

The next hunt, this one for a mouflon ram, came a month later. Through binoculars, Sam Perez and I spotted some sheep about 100 yards away. After stalking within 20 yards of a trophy ram, I waited for it to turn broadside, The Beeman arrow flew true. It was the most fun I’ve had on a spot-and-stalk hunt with a bow.

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