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Ten-Year Old’s First Deer

DetrickBy Wade Detrick

-- Cold toes, numb nose, frozen fingers and the thrill of the hunt are all part of the experience of deer hunting.  Rylee Detrick, age 10, has been hunting with her dad for several years now, and has experienced all those things.

Now, she has a new experience to add to that list — her first deer.

Her hopes of taking her first deer came on Thanksgiving morning when she downed a 20-point buck, field dressed at 168 pounds and unofficially scoring 171  1/2 inches.  The deer was taken in the Ames, Okla., area and only traveled 30 yards after being shot.

Rylee’s  earlier experiences with deer hunting consisted of sweating during early bow season and shivering during rifle season. This past August she completed a Hunter’s Safety Class and had been patiently waiting for the 2009 deer season.

Her dad, Wade Detrick, reports “It’s been an awesome experience spending time with my daughter in the field and in the deer stand.”

Rylee has been involved with all management techniques from sowing food plots to target practicing with her PaPa Butch’s .243 rifle.

When Rylee was asked what she liked most about hunting, she said, “Hunters rock! You know why? It’s when you have your dad with you, they make it special, especially when your buck is bigger than theirs.”

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