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Take Stock of Your Equipment Situation Now

Whitetail DeerIf you're reading this tip, then you have a computer and know your way around it well enough to at least send and receive emails. Since that's the case, now is a great time to use your computer to help keep track of your hunting equipment needs for next season.

If you're like most hunters, when the season is over you pack your stuff in boxes or bins and forget it until next year. Only when you get it out again to prepare for a hunt do you remember what needed to be replaced, refilled or fixed from the season before.

Whether you use a database program or just make a text list, stop now and take stock of what you know you need for next year. Include things like shells or broadheads if you did a lot of shooting, field-dressing gloves if you were successful, scent bombs, disposable hot packs, flashlights or bulbs, and scent-killer.

Check Out Our Video TipsAlso think about your clothing and write down anything you want to replace before next season. And keep your list handy for end-of-season sales and online clearances, crossing items off as you refill your supply.

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