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Sweet Spot

A vast majority of missed whitetails happen because the archer shoots over the deer. When a whitetail hears a bow shot, its body reacts faster than the arrow arrives. Its natural response to any unknown noise is to treat it as a threat. How do whitetails respond to threats? They run.

Tip of the Week

In order to flee quickly, a deer must first contract its leg muscles. This essentially causes the deer to duck or jump the string as most bowhunters put it. A quality bow that is quiet helps, but the best way to avoid a high miss is to aim at the lower third of the deers vitals. While a 3-D target will reward you for a high lung shot, that same shot in the woods could very well be a high miss. Concentrate on hitting the lower third of a whitetail, just a little back from the leg. While its tempting to place a sticker to aim at on a 3-D target, keep in mind you wont have that sticker on a live deer. Practice makes perfect and will certainly help you in putting that trophy on the ground this season.

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