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State Legislators Want Your Ammunition

PhotoBy Daniel Dye

-- Fellow hunters and shooters take notice. Our firearm rights are under attack. However, the issue at hand has nothing to do with eliminating access to hunting land or imposing minimum age limits for hunters.

This time the threat comes in the form of bullet serialization. The manufacturing process of bullet serialization is where each bullet and its casing is laser engraved with a matching serial number.

As early as 2009, if legislation is passed in a number of states currently discussing these bills, our reality could include the surrendering of our currently legal, non-serialized ammunition; a colossal jump in ammunition costs for individuals, law enforcement and the military; an end to reloading ammunition altogether; a tax on each round of ammunition. This will also potentially cost ammunition companies boatloads of money to convert their manufacturing processes.

Additionally, our personal information and the ammunition serial numbers will be added to a database. We will be forever tied to every box of ammunition we purchase.

The bullet serialization idea was cooked up by Russ Ford of Ammunition Coding Systems. Ford claims an optical character recognition system used by the United States Postal System, among other companies, could be incorporated by ammunition manufacturers. However, some of the country's largest ammunition manufacturers state this process would make it impossible to turn a profit.

According to the National Shooting Sports website, 18 states have considered or are considering bullet serialization bills. You can track the bills here. Because politicians across the country have failed time and again to directly take away our firearms they are going after the next best thing - ammunition.

While there are many noticeable flaws with Ford's bullet serialization proposal, the bottom line is that his claims have not been tested by a single ammunition manufacturer. As of today, Ford's proposal is nothing more than a theory.

Now is the time for sportsmen and sportswomen to be proactive even if your state is not considering this piece of legislation. Go to to find your state legislators and tell them that you strongly oppose bullet serialization legislation.

This video is provided courtesy of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action. Interview with Russ Ford of Ammunition Coding Systems


By Cecil Sanders @ Saturday, April 12, 2008 8:11 AM
The idea is stupid.If it is passed we would probably be required to pass a background check each time we buy ammunition just as when buying a gun.If I gave my brother a box of ammunition for Christmas would that make me a criminal?

By AndyC @ Saturday, April 12, 2008 3:39 PM
I don't think the legislation will pass. However, the process while requiring an initial capital outlay is very doeable at an extremelly high level of accuracy. Bullet manufacturers certainly do not want any bill passed in any state b/c that would then leave them with a choice of doing it for all production or not selling in that one state. If the state is large then they would esentially be required to switch over the entire production process. I think the production process as an arguement against this is a very weak arguement.

The problem I have with it is you would probably be required to turn over your old ammo. If that wasn't the case then it would be very easy to people to get unmarked ammo if they wanted to committ a crime. In the end people are not going to turn over it creates a criminalizaton of people who are otherwise lawabbiding citizens. I am against this but the reason laid out in that interview are very weak.

By WOLF @ Sunday, April 13, 2008 8:56 AM
This is absurd what an idiot. I hate to tell him in manufacturing you have a problem known as human error. what you think is there is not. laser and embossed are only as good as the operator that is putting in the information. Known to most peolple as gargage in garbage out. He needs to do a lot more research in the field of human behavior, there is always a criminal out there that will beat the system. you will take jobs from families because the cost will be too high nobody will beable to buy them. reloads wont beable to do them because then it will be illlegal, funny cant do much with the crime that is already out there why make more. humans have the right to defend themselves what is next sticks and stones?

By Danny J @ Thursday, April 17, 2008 11:15 AM
Dang i must have taken a wrong turn into work this morning , I could have sworn i was still in the good OLE USA.
If this happens ican see it know..the next thing is i will have toii start registering all of my lead sinkers before i can fish.


By kanook @ Friday, April 18, 2008 2:23 PM
how is this going to affect black powder. what do we do, put a number on each grain just in case some if left unburnt at the scene?

By Cecil Sanders @ Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:57 PM
This is just another attempt by gun haters to harass gun owners and manufacturers of firearms and ammunition.There was a time when we had to sign for any ammunition we bought.It was a useless law and was finally dropped.The gun hating politicians will never give up,but we can stop them by voting every politician who supports such a law out of office and never letting him(or her)back in office.

By butch_tumlin @ Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:03 PM
The law makers need to use the existing laws on the books nowand make them stick and not write new one that are aimed at the law abiding citizens. They need to make the law breakers accountable for their actions and pay for their crimes and not let them out before the officers can get the paper work done. The serilizing ammo is not the answer, just another added expense for the law abiding citizen to bear.

By CHAD @ Saturday, May 10, 2008 5:51 PM
well wake up america we have been lubricated and screw for a long time now by our country and it's so called leaders! to be honest with you at times i feel ashamed that i served a country that is only out to screw law abiding citizens? and just in case one of you so called people of the senate or any government office as far as that goes!"PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE NOT GUNS" so why don't you leave us the true law abiding citizens the hell alone and go after the ones that are bootlegging fire arms to kill or harm people which if you did real research you would probably find out more about the government official setting beside you in these BS meetings! NEW SLOGAN! HOME OF THE LUBRICATED AND LAND OF THE SCREWED! ITS NOT ENOUGH THAT LOW INCOME FAMILIES ARE LOSING THERE HOME BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD BACK AND FORTH TO WORK BUT NEEDLESS TO SAY OUR COUNTRY HAS PISSED ON US ALL AND THE THINGS TO COME FOR AMERICA FOR THE WAY THEY TREAT US GOD SHOW NO MERCY!

By wolverine @ Tuesday, May 27, 2008 12:57 PM
This guy is an idiot I have been in the manufacturing industry for many years as well as gun manufacturing and what he's asking the ammunition industry to do is impossible. laser code 2 components of a bullet on the inside and then make them match up in the end process with no misstakes or they will be fined by he goverment per each bullet thats assembled wrong, how will anyone be able to tell if there put together correctly unless you were to dissasemble each one then put it back together before it went in the box. this is by far the most assinine thing I have ever heard this guy dosent even know if it will work, and truthfully I dont think he cares he says he's a gun owner and a shooter but I just can't believe that because if he were he would be able to see how stupid this sounds. criminals don't buy guns and ammunition from stores they steal them or get them some other sorted way. the only people that something like this would affect will be law abideing people not your gangbangers or other criminals. they are not going to turn in their ammo if it were to become illegal so how does this guy think that what he's proposing is'nt any different than that of the time they outlawed booze but that did'nt stop the criminals from getting or manufacturing it. coding ammunition is not the answer tougher laws on criminals who use guns in violent crimes is what we need make the punishment fit the crime.

By ken @ Wednesday, May 28, 2008 12:19 AM
If you dont think this is about money your wroung.He will make a boat load if this goes in to affect.He most likely is putting money in to the company that will hold the patent to all of this,If he was out to help the hunter he would not have done this.And what about the disabled hunters who can just afford to hunt or the family man and women who just afford to hunt and fish or is he going to go after fishing to think about it.Stand up now before all are freedoms are lost.

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