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Spray Those Platforms and Steps

Spray Those Platforms and Steps

By Noel Bruce

Have you ever noticed how even a small amount of moisture can make your treestand steps and stand platforms slippery? Rain, frost and even dew can cause this, and especially if mud is stuck to your boots. Mud can make your steps slick as a whistle, a very hazardous situation for hunters.

I like to spray my tree steps and stand platforms with truck bed liner spray. This gives an added texture, grip and traction everywhere your hands and feet make contact with the stands.

If your climbing stand's base doesn't already come with a textured area on the foot platform, spray it, too.

In addition to treating my treestands with the texture spray, I like to camouflage them by using Krylon camo paints. The coat of spray paint protects your stands from scratches and will help them last longer.

Both sprays are cheap, too, about $10 for the bed liner spray and about $6 for the camouflage paint.

I hope these simple and inexpensive tips will help you stay safe while climbing and moving about in your treestand, especially on those snowy or muddy days.

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