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Spooky's Luck Runs Out

By David Beadles

David BeadlesThis story started in September of 2010.

My brother and another guy on our lease went to our place in Stephens County, Texas, to fill up feeders and take a look at our game cameras. Little did they know what they were about to see.

My brother, Rick, loaded the card in the computer, saw a few does and a couple small bucks before BAM! — a huge buck with antlers growing everywhere was suddenly staring him in the face. He shut the lid on the laptop, not believing what he had just seen. He told me he was scared to open it back up.

He then yelled at Bobby and said, “You’ve got to see this!”

And that’s how we were introduced to a deer we now call Spooky.

Rick called me on the way home and told me about the monster buck. Not believing them, I went down there two weeks later and saw the pictures for myself. There were a lot of pictures of him, but they were always at night.

Spooky’s Luck Runs OutOn the opening day of gun season, I saw a few small bucks but never saw Spooky. I hunted again on the afternoon of Nov. 19, and then the morning of the 20th. After the morning hunt, I checked the game camera and saw Spooky had been there two days before in the daylight.

I called home, and my loving wife agreed I should stay and hunt the afternoon. That afternoon, I had seen a couple of does and a small 6-pointer. It was getting late, and about the time I thought the hunt was over, a doe charged out of the brush about 50 yards out and stopped. She looked back in the brush and then HE stepped out.

I knew it was Spooky as soon as I saw him. I eased my gun out the window of my blind, put my scope on him and told myself, “It’s just another deer.”

I pulled the trigger, and the buck dropped in his tracks. Since then, I’ve called and e-mailed everyone I know. When you take a buck like this, you just want to share it with everyone.

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