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Space Blanket Uses for Deer Hunters

Space Blanket Uses for Deer Hunters

By Bob Takeo

Before deer season starts, I buy a couple of space blankets to use in a number of different ways in the field.

I split one of the blankets into two smaller units by asking my wife to cut it in half and sew shut the cut edges.

Next, I fold up my blankets tightly, seal them in a ziplock bag and place in my backpack. They take up very little room and serve many purposes.

I can use one as a drop cloth to stand on when removing my shoes and changing into boots. This keeps my socks dry and dirt-free.

When I'm dressing a deer, the space blanket serves as a clean surface to place meat on while deboning venison. You'll want to hose this one off with scent-free soap and dry if you plan to use that space blanket again.

In case of rain, the space blanket is waterproof and can be used as a makeshift lean-to shelter by stringing a string or Paracord between two trees and hanging the blanket over it. Place rocks or logs on the ends to hold it in place.

Space blankets reflect heat back to the body, magnify a campfire's intensity and can be used as a highly visible signaling mirror for search teams.

How many times have you transferred blood or mud on your seat after field dressing a deer? You can preserve your truck's upholstery from blood, sweat and mud by using a space blanket on the seat. It works for wet dogs, too!

Space blankets are inexpensive and something all deer hunters should consider adding to their backpack checklist.

Editor's Note: As it was designed, a Mylar space blanket serves as an emergency, potentially life-saving blanket, but only if used properly. Make sure to read up on them to ensure you won't turn the blanket into what some search and rescue teams call body bags.

Search "space blankets proper use."

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