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Some Seasons Are Too Short

WilliamsBy Barry Williams

-- Every year, I make it a point to hunt with close friend Sid Sizemore, a landowner from Abilene, Kan. Sid called on Thanksgiving Day and told me he had seen several big bucks and that I needed to get out there to tag one of them. That sounded good to me, so well before dawn on Friday, Nov. 23, 2007, I headed to Abilene in search of a buck.

Still in the dark, I made my way to a spot I remembered from the previous year. I found a heavy trail with my LED headlight. Next I found a tree that I could safely climb, and that was my home for the next several hours.

As the sun came up, I was able to see all of the scrapes and rubs around the stand, and that took my mind off the single-digit temperature. At about 8 a.m., I saw a doe walking along the trail. As she got out of sight, I hit my rattle bag and grunt call several times. About 30 minutes later, a buck showed up on the same path. It was still about 80 yards away, but was feeding and slowly coming my way.

I stood up to get ready, but when I saw my glove fall and hit the ground, I realized I had placed it on my lap. That was enough to get the buck’s attention, but it was soft enough that he didn’t completely panic. It was obvious the buck had been using that trail for some time, and he really wasn’t looking for a bowhunter in a treestand.

When it put its head down to nibble another acorn, I hooked on my release and drew back. By then the buck was standing broadside at just under 20 yards. I shot it right through the shoulder, and it went just 15 yards and fell dead.

It was a memorable hunt, but I have to admit to being a little disappointed that my season was over so quickly. Then again, there’s always bird hunting. Who was I to complain?

Barry Williams
Fort Riley, Kan.

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