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Brett McGuire

By Mike Handley

When the McGuires go hunting, it's more like grocery shopping.

Ohio might be home to the country's most prosperous taxidermists, and Mahoning might be one of the few counties even nonresident hunters are able to cite. But the public and neighboring ground this family has prowled for the last decade has been little more than the Land of Does and Little-bitty Bucks.

Until last year.

A few ticks past 1 p.m. on Nov. 10, Brett McGuire heard splashing sounds in the creek behind his stand a few hundred feet from the boundary marking public land. He quickly spun around and looked, but he didn't see anything.

"I knew something was coming," said the hunter from Talmadge. "I heard when it jumped up on the bank, and I could even see mud swirling in the water where the deer had crossed. But I couldn't see anything that even remotely looked like a deer."

And then he did.

When the buck stepped out from behind a huge oak tree, Brett could see only its right antler, and the mass was incredible. Moments later, Brett took the 40-yard, quartering-away shot and watched the deer rocket away with his arrow protruding from behind the last rib.

"You're full of it," Brett's brother, Jimmy, answered his text afterward. "There are no monsters around here!"

It took some convincing, but Jimmy eventually came to help track the animal. After jumping the wounded buck, they gave up and returned to collect it the following morning.

The 21-pointer has a BTR composite score of 198 5/8 inches. It might not have been as tender as a young buck or doe, but Brett's not complaining.

Be sure to read the rest of this long saga in RACK magazine this fall. Ed Waite had the honor of measuring the deer and interviewing the ecstatic hunter who shot it.

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