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Smoking in the Stand?

Back To "Ask The Biologist?"QUESTION: Does cigarette smoke adversely affect deer hunting? - Tim H.

ANSWER: That's a very good question, and one I'm not sure I can give a definitive answer to.

To my knowledge there is no empirical evidence to support or refute the contention that cigarette smoke frightens deer.

Smoking in the Stand?However, from what we know about whitetails, it seems intuitive that any foreign, man-made odor would likely have a negative impact.

Having said that, I know several very successful bowhunters who claim they smoke while on stand.

Like most serious hunters, I go to great lengths to minimize my human odor by bathing and washing my clothing in scent-reducing soap. I also spray myself and my gear with odor-reducing solutions. Still, I sometimes get busted by deer located downwind from me.

Conversely, I've had days when I just didn't have time to go through all the motions, and managed to get away with being a little "stinky." But I probably had the wind in my favor.

There is another perspective to consider. Science has proven there are many potential health risks associated with smoking. If those risks cut short your hunting lifetime by even a single day, then I guess you could say that smoking adversely affects deer hunting.

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