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Smart Hunters Use Smartphones

Smart Hunters Use Smartphones

By Shannon Crance

When I first started hunting, I was always with my fiancé, and I never worried about the need to contact someone if something should happen.

Now that I've grown as an outdoorswoman and I'm hunting by myself, I like the peace of mind that comes from knowing I have a way to communicate if something went wrong while I'm in the deep woods and need help.

I always make sure to carry my smartphone with me, and I use it for a multitude of purposes.

Smart Hunters Use SmartphonesFirst and foremost, I like carrying mine for safety reasons. I can call if I need help, and a weather radar app lets me know if bad weather is coming.

Secondly, a smartphone is a great way to pass the time if it's a slow day in the deer woods. I can text my fiancé and other hunters to read about what others are seeing and know what's going on when someone shoots.

There are also games, websites and fun apps that require less movement than turning the pages of a book.

One other advantage is I can use my phone as a light should my flashlight fail to work. There's even a flashlight app for that.

Get a good waterproof case for your phone with a belt clip. You can clip it to your safety vest webbing so it won't bounce out of your pocket on the way to the stand or while riding an ATV.

And one more thing: don't forget to turn off the ringer!

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