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Small Cover, Big Bucks

Check Out Our Video TipsAny time after the hunting pressure starts and particularly during the late season, it pays to check small pockets of cover. All deer instinctively avoid human contact, and mature bucks do so with honed skill. They quickly learn where hunters don’t go.

Most everybody heads for the big woods, and some big bucks certainly hang out there, usually in the toughest cover. Other bucks vacate the hard-hunted woods for isolated chunks of cover where no one bothers them.

Many a big buck has lived to get even bigger by spending daylight hours of hunting season in a sumac-choked gully on the edge of a field or in a cattail swale beside a marsh. They have even been known to lie low in the high weeds of a fallow field. It would be impossible to categorize all the nooks and crannies a smart whitetail might choose for his hidey-hole. Use your imagination; go places other hunters don’t go.

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