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Slingshot Scent Mortars

Slingshot Scent Mortars

By Irby Edwards

For years I’ve tried to weigh the risk of putting out my favorite scents versus the risk of adding my human scent around the area I’m about to hunt.

I’ve come up with a method of deploying my favorite scents from the stand without having to walk to the places I want them to go.

A few years ago, I bought a Wrist-Rocket slingshot to use as my mortar. Then, I washed some clean rags in scent-free soap and sewed them into small pockets capable of holding a weighted object such as a rock, marble or ball bearing.

I make various sizes to hold various-sized projectiles.

Next, I insert the weighted objects into the pockets and keep them in a bag, ready to use when I get to the field.

Once in the stand, I soak the cloth in my favorite scent. Then, using the Wrist-Rocket, I shoot them in any direction I desire, making it a true scent bomb.

Bear in mind, excess fabric will create drag and will not travel as far, so I use weighted objects as close to the pocket size as possible.

And one more note: I rarely find my scent bombs, so make sure you make plenty for hunting season.

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