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By Chris Brown

More Guns, More Ammo, More Optics, More of Everything!

You've heard of run and gun hunting? Today was my version of that with run and gun meetings, press conferences, photo ops and video shoots. Totally insane, but, oh, so worth it.

The day started early with a breakfast from our good friends from the State of Mississippi Division of Tourism. Mike Jones, the director, and Tommy Akin, PR expert, put on quite a show. They are both dear friends of mine and a chance to spend a little time with them is well worth the price of admission.

Next I headed to the floor and the run-n-gun pace began. First off was a stop at Mossberg with GunHunter Editor Larry Teague. We saw the new Flex Shotgun line, and it is sweet. We will have a video up on it this weekend, look for it here.

Tink's #69
Tink's #69 is back in the classic glass
bottle as they celebrate their
40th anniversary in 2012.

Next, down an aisle or two, was the Gamo Outdoor USA booth where a celebrity hunting show was taking place. The Bone Collector boys were there, the Buckmaster himself was there, and we shot some video on the new stuff after the press event. The folks at Gamo have some sweet technology in their air rifles and handguns and we will talk more about it shortly in a video.

Next we hit up my buddy Terry Rohm at Tink's for some new product info. Did ya'll know Tink's is celebrating its 40th year this year in the hunting biz? They are, and we are proud they are such a huge part of Buckmasters. In honor of year 40 they're bringing back the glass bottle in the popular Tink's 69 line. Just like it was 40 years ago. Way cool. They have more, too, but we will let Terry tell you about it later.

Also on the list of people to see was my buddy Jon at Nikon. Jon showed me the new Monarch 3 binocs . . . sweet! Then a new Pro Staff Range Finder . . . sweeter! Then we made our way over to the bright folks at Streamlight. Get it? Bright folks at Streamlight? The flashlight people!

They have some super bright, super powerful new lights coming out, and they are nice. If you need a flashlight for any reason, they have one for you, everything from little lights to keep in your pocket, to lights to have in your packs, to lights to keep on your Rhino Utility vehicle or your truck.  They have you covered. I have two in my backpack/briefcase right now, just in case. You never know when the lights might go out.

Scent-Lok's new Rampage wind proof fleece
Scent-Lok's new Rampage wind proof fleece with 6 internal pockets is truly unique, and simply a must-have for any hunter. Lots of room, warmth and protection in this jacket that can be used from cool to cold
days in the woods.

One of the last places I made a stop was to see my buddy Alex at Scent-Lok. They have been a good friend of Buckmasters and Buckmasters members for awhile, so I let Alex show me around a bit. You know, I'm a rookie so I wanted to get the inside scoop on this carbon technology, and now they have a new one out. Carbon Alloy is the new buzzword, and the stuff Alex showed me will outfit me from warm to cool and cold weather, too. He showed me a unique product called the Rampage. This is a wind proof fleece that the moment I saw it I knew it needed to be in my camo arsenal. Really neat jacket with 6 internal pockets and a great design and fit and since it's available in Realtree, the only camo to have, I feel pretty set.

Before I sign off for the night, I have to give props back to you guys, the fans.

Those of us here at the show from Buckmasters attended the Outdoor Channel Golden Moose awards tonight. You may remember seeing us pushing the voting online the last few months. Buckmasters was nominated for two Golden Moose Awards, and while we did not win either of those two awards we felt blessed and humbled to even be nominated. That nomination goes out to you guys in the Buckmasters Nation who watch the show, get the mags, see us here on the web and vote for us in the GMAs.  Our hats are off to you for supporting Buckmasters and watching, reading and viewing our stuff. Without you, the BM Nation is nothing. Thanks!

By the time you read this I'll be on a plane headed home. Ready to be back in 'Bama. Too much goes on in Vegas for me to keep up with. I guess what happens here really does stay here.

Thanks for reading!

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