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Seventh Encounter Ends Badly for Buck

AlexanderBy Lawrence Alexander

-- I hunted this deer for two years. It was within bow range three different times the first season, but I never had a decent shot. I was worried the buck wouldn’t survive Virginia’s gun season.

Much to my delight, however, I found the buck’s freshly shed antlers after the season ended. To be sure, I asked members of the local hunting clubs if anyone had shot a big 6-pointer. Apparently, nobody had.

Knowing the deer had survived, I was pumped and eager for bow season, hoping deer dogs hadn’t pushed it into the next county.

The following September, I saw it in the field right next to my stand. The month-long wait was difficult.

Well, this season began with a repeat of the previous one. The buck was within bow range three times in October, but I had no shot. Next thing I knew, the gun season arrived.

I had to work late that night and couldn’t get off until 8:30 in the morning. Even so, I went home as soon as I left work, grabbed my crossbow and headed to my stand. On the way there, I saw some guys from the hunting club and stopped to chat. One of them said somebody in the club had taken a big 6-pointer.

I was so disappointed. I also couldn’t help wondering what might’ve happened all those other times if I’d done something differently, if maybe I could’ve closed the deal.

I went to my stand anyway and stood there for about 10 minutes. I had pretty much decided to leave when I heard a big splash in a little pond behind me. As I turned around, thinking I should’ve brought my fishing pole instead of my crossbow, my jaw dropped to my knees.

There was my 6-pointer, swimming toward me. It was following a doe, and a forkhorn was bringing up the rear. As soon as the deer reached the bank, I smoked it from 25 yards. It covered maybe 10 yards before collapsing.

-- Lawrence Alexander

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