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Set "Big Picture" Pre-Season Goals

Krissy Moncus

By Krissy Moncus

As a female who has been hunting only for a few years, I've found that setting reasonable goals prior to each season has helped me develop my passion for hunting over time. If someone had told me to make shooting a monster buck my biggest pre-season goal, I would have become disenchanted with hunting before my career even got off the ground.

In order to better learn this sport, I always set simple, obtainable goals that encourage me to experiment with deer hunting tactics. It's often something neat I've read about or perhaps seen a hunting expert use on TV.

For instance, one year my top goals might be to build my own ground blind from brush or shoot a nice doe, then field-dress it by myself. The next, to hunt with a deer decoy or use a drag rag with scents. Or, it might be something as simple as to accomplish a full day of hunting - from dark to dark - without leaving my stand.

Check Out Our Video Tips!I'm in it for the long haul, so accomplishing these goals and building on the experiences will make me a better hunter each year, whether my efforts fail or succeed.

Anything I haven't done before, but looks interesting, is a likely candidate to be a new goal - but I'm certainly always looking for big antlers, too!

The wallhangers come from time to time, but they're not my primary accomplishment. Set your goals correctly to see the big picture, and your passion for the sport will grow - not just your passion to place a tag on a trophy.

-- Krissy Moncus / Byron, Ga.