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Second Shot’s a Charm

Tyler RameyBy Tyler Ramey

-- I had bowhunted with my Dad several times in the 2009 deer season, but I had yet to get close to a buck. I’ve taken several does since I started hunting, and I really had my heart set on getting a buck this year.

On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 8, we headed out once again. It was our first hunt together in a new spot my Papaw found. Usually we hunt in a buddy stand, but on that day I was in a homemade ladder stand. It wasn’t big enough for both of us, so Dad took his climbing stand and hunted above me.

We had been settled in for about an hour and a half when a big 8-pointer came by at 20 yards. I drew back my bow and shot, but the arrow hit the ground at the deer’s feet.

I was excited and shaking because I got a shot, but I was sad that I missed the biggest deer I had ever seen. Dad told me that I did a good job and that missing is part of bowhunting.

We decided to stay in the tree and keep hunting. About an hour later, a smaller 8-pointer came down the same trail. Dad told me to aim a little higher this time, and then he stopped the deer in the same spot where I had shot at the first.

I let the arrow fly and watched the deer run off. It was almost dark, so Dad and I decided to try to find the arrow. We found the arrow that I had missed the big buck with, but we couldn’t find the second arrow. We walked in the direction that the deer gone, and about 10 yards later we found the back end of my arrow with blood on the fletchings.

It was dark, so we decided not to push the deer and went home. That night, I begged Dad to let me go back with him the next morning, even though it was a school day. He finally said I could.

The next morning, we met Papaw at the farm at 6 a.m. and started to look for blood. We had a good trail for about 100 yards that led right to my deer. I had made a good double-lung shot, and Dad and Papaw were very proud. The buck was my first deer with a bow, and now I can’t wait until next year.

-- Tyler Ramey / Age 9 / Princeton, Ky.

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