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Scouting Is More Than Just Finding Deer

Whitetail DeerFor many hunters, scouting is half the fun of hunting -- and with good reason. There's nothing like the feeling of finding concentrated buck sign and trying to picture the buck that made it. It's also fun to picture that buck on your wall.

But scouting is more than just finding good sign and picking a nearby tree on which to place a stand.

Anyone can go out find deer sign, but it takes experience and thought to find the sign and then select the best possible setup to hunt the deer making the sign.

Further, there are many times when there just isn't a good ambush point available and the right call is to try to back off and try to figure out if there is another location where you could make a good setup on a particular buck.

Some of the key factors to consider when evaluating an ambush point include wind direction, stand location in relation to expected deer travel, concealment, and hidden entry.

Check Out Our Video TipsTo be brief, you simply can't disregard a deer's nose; you have to be able to physically make the shot; you should be able to draw or aim without being seen; and you should be able to get to your stand without spooking the deer you hope to hunt, and also without the deer sensing your entry as he comes into your shooting zone.

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