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Scout for Success

Check Out Our Video TipsTo take a big buck, with a gun or bow, you have to know that buck. Good scouting is how you get acquainted. First look for the food. Deer have a lot to eat, and bowhunters often take big bucks by staking out hot food sources.

During gun seasons, food attracts does, which attract bucks. Learn the main trail systems, including the creek and fence crossings. Then learn the secondary buck trail system.

Pay particular attention to where the buck trails intersect or closely parallel main trails. Bucks like to shadow the main trails, waiting for a hot doe.

Identify bedding areas. For bucks, that means finding his core sanctuary. It will be a tough spot, because big bucks don’t bed down where they’re easily approached.

When hunting pressure starts, bucks become more nocturnal. Unless he’s out chasing does, a buck will spend as much time in his sanctuary as possible.