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Scent-Lok Native Species Clothing

From Scent-Lok

Scent-Lok Native Species ClothingALS Enterprises, which introduced the Scent-Lok brand into the outdoor market in 1992, has announced the launch of a new brand of outerwear for hunters at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The Native Species Apparel brand will target big game hunters with high quality, core products for a wide variety of weather conditions with attractive price points.

The Native Species product line-up features the revolutionary, Vertigo camo that ALS developed in 2009. Prior to this product launch, Vertigo camo was only available in Scent-Lok branded garments, but with the new product line, hunters will be able to purchase Vertigo camo apparel in traditional type garments without scent-control technology. Vertigo camo helps break up the human silhouette with large areas of contrast and is available in tan or grey for a variety of hunting situations. The Vertigo patterns are exclusive to the Native Species brand assortment.

Scent-Lok Native Species ClothingThe Native Species products can be broken down into four basic product categories; ThunderHawk waterproof, All-Season soft-shell, Wild Wolf fleece and DuraHunt rip-stop cotton. Each category offers a narrow assortment of key items that hunters have counted on for many years, but with updated designs, fabrics and features that are a step above other mass marketed products.

Native Species garments were designed with the concept of fit, fabric, and function in mind. In order to perform in the field and for hunters to appreciate the quality, added detail and styling design helped maximize the contour fit of the body. All Native Species garments received special detailed cuts for articulation to improve the fit especially around the contours of the body. A combination of the right fabric with the right design will assure hunters the best possible function and performance in the field.

Scent-Lok Native Species ClothingScent-Lok activated carbon technology is considered the best method to dramatically reduce human odor, but hunters should not overlook the need for high quality garments that perform a function that can add to the overall satisfaction of the big game hunter. As part of an effective scent-control system, both traditional hunting garments as well as activated-carbon type garments will work together to maximize your scent-reducing strategy.

Today more than ever, hunters are looking for value and retailers are looking for new products. By entering this market segment Scent-Lok will deliver more effective products to both retailers and hunters that improve comfort and satisfaction with great classic designs from the category’s apparel leader.

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