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Scent Control Begins At The Top

Whitetail DeerMost hunters are scent-conscious, but many overlook some of the key elements of scent elimination. The folks at Scent-Lok tell us that 30 percent of human scent comes from the head and mouth area, 30 percent comes from the body, and 30 percent comes from the hands and feet.

Scent sprays and clothing such as that produced by Scent-Lok go a long way in eliminating the scent produced by the body. Many hunters also take care with their feet and hands by using rubber boots, sprays and scent-eliminating gloves.

Unfortunately, many of us throw something on our heads and assume that if our hair is covered, we don't have to worry about scent from the head area. But if you aren't keeping your mouth covered while hunting, you are one giant scent-producing machine -- and you don't have to have bad breath in order for a deer to smell your breath odor.

Check Out Our Video TipsThere are some basic things you should do to try to reduce your breath odor. First, keep your teeth clean when possible (I keep a toothbrush in the glove compartment during hunting season). Second, if you have a scent-suppressing hood, keep part of it over your mouth (as it was intended) -- or purchase one of the special face masks designed to stop breath and face odor.

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