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Salvaging Torn Gear

Salvaging Torn Gear

By David Cowart

Over the years, I have thrown away countless backpacks, pants, shirts, bibs and other gear when they got a rip or tear because they would only stay fixed a short time. Trying to mend them seems to be a big waste time.

All the strain and abuse my hunting clothing, gear and accessories go through is just too much for ordinary thread, so I decided to try something else.

I began using braided fishing line to reattach pack straps, belt loops, mend ground blinds, tents, as well as salvage my torn hunting clothing.

Braided line is thin enough to go through the eye of a needle, and you can always find it in green or brown to match the stitching in most camouflage patterns. Just look in the fishing section of practically any sporting goods store.

Braided line also has a much stronger breaking strength than standard sewing thread. It takes a lot of pressure for seams to separate again after being sewn back with braided line. You will find it is actually much stronger than the original thread.

When reattaching thick items such as backpack straps or folded cloth, use an extra big needle and a pair of pliers to force the needle through the thick material, then pull the needle and line on through with the piers.

With the high cost of hunting leases, seed and other hunting equipment, I hate to throw away my trusty gear because of a simple tear. I hope my tip will help you restore your faithful hunting items and save yourself money to spend on other things!

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