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Risky Business Rut

Don’t think a mature buck is dumb, even during the heat of the rut. He might move more than usual; he may move more in daylight than usual; and he will certainly venture into unfamiliar territory while chasing does. This goes against his native caution, which is temporarily overpowered by the natural instinct to procreate — but he’s not stupid. He senses that he is in a compromising situation, and his general wariness increases.

A mature buck will use every advantage available, even while indulging in the risky business of the rut. Hunt a rutting buck just as cautiously as if he were not in rut, but since his normal pattern is disrupted, hunt other places. During the rut, hunt near heavy doe-use areas such as feeding areas and main trails. That’s where bucks that are not already chasing a doe will hang out.