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Right on the Money

GilbertBy Mike Gilbert

-- My 15-year-old son shot his first whitetail on Nov. 21 in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Not long after he’d settled into his treestand, he shot. I was 75 yards away, sitting on a log at the edge of a swamp. Hoping he’d taken a poke at a deer, I ran as fast as I could toward the stand.

When I reached it, I asked him what had happened. He told me a 5-point buck had walked out into the clearing and he’d shot at it. The deer had run off afterward.

We didn’t see any blood or hair. I thought he’d missed, but he kept saying he was sure he didn't. He showed me how far he’d followed the tracks before I got there, and then we continued to follow them. About the time we noticed the buck had slowed to a walk, we glanced up and saw it beyond a small knoll.

When he and I got over to it, we realized it was a 2-foot-wide 10-pointer. Large body, too. Neither of us could believe the size of the deer.

I was so excited I grabbed my son and swung him around, gun and all. He didn't miss it after all. We had found the bullet hole right where I’d taught him to shoot.

After field-dressing the deer, we found out he’d shot it through the liver.

--Mike Gilbert

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