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Riding the Fence

ConwayBy Craig Conway

-- In November last year, I was hunting in Canada. This hunt had to be the hardest one I've ever been through. On the first day, I saw some deer, but not anything worth shooting. In the distance I could see a giant deer chasing does, and even from 800 yards away, I could detect antlers on its head (without using optics).

I knew it was a shooter. The buck chased does like I have never seen before. I tried every trick in the book to get the buck to jump the fence. Sometimes it would look over the fence but the buck never come close enough to shoot.

On the second day, I went hunting again. As before, I saw the buck and it still wouldn't jump the fence. So I waited and waited until almost dark. Finally, I saw the buck jump the fence. So I reached for my gun, but when I looked through the scope, the deer was gone.

In another moment, I spotted a big-bodied deer, but, I couldn't put horns on it. So I took a gamble and let the deer go.

By the third day, I was ready. A doe I'd been videoing with my DVD recorder was in the food plot. I figured that it didn't matter, so I turned it off and put the camera away. It wasn't a second later that I looked up, and I saw a white flag go up. It was the big one.

I picked up my gun and got ready. When the buck gave me a shot I took it. BOOM! Then I racked another one in. BOOM! The buck didn't even go 25 yards before hitting the ground. It was amazing! The biggest deer I've ever shot!

The buck was a healthy 10-point white-tailed deer, scoring 153 inches. The buck weighed 238 pounds field-dressed, with a live weight of 288!

Craig Conway
Mancelona, Michigan

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