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Rethink Your Approach To Still-Hunting

Whitetail DeerMany hunters look on still-hunting -- the art of slowly creeping through the woods hoping to sneak up on a big buck -- as something to do when patience runs out. Regular practitioners of the still-hunt, however, know that it requires a great deal of patience -- even more patience than stump-sitting.

The still-hunter not only has to concentrate on making each step as quiet as possible, he also must be alert and ready for a shot. It is extremely rare for a still-hunter to approach a deer without the deer knowing that "something" is wrong. The chance for a shot can happen quickly, and the window of opportunity is small -- if the hunter isn't ready to identify the target and make the shot, the opportunity will be gone.

Check Out Our Video TipsIf you want to make still-hunting a true hunting technique and not just "a walk when you're bored," approach it with all the mental energy and positive expectation you have when first settling in to your favorite stand.

Remember, too, that there is an art to still-hunting and that it takes practice. Don't let a few missed chances at spooked deer ruin your view of this highly productive technique.

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