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Relocate Lost Turkey Calls

Relocate Lost Turkey Calls

By Dianne Williams

Have you ever sat down to call a turkey and somehow managed to get up, move and forget you left one of your prized box calls or slates still sitting on the ground?

In the heat of the moment, it's easy to lose a call, especially strikers, if you don't mark where you were sitting.

This has happened to me on several occasions. I'd get up to move on a bird, or shoot a gobbler and jump up to retrieve it, and somehow forget about my call.

I've found those little square orange pieces of cloth that come in some turkey vests to be a great way to mark the spot where you were sitting.

As soon as I find a good place to set up on a longbeard, I take out that little piece of cloth and sit on it. That way, if I have to jump up or leave, I can easily spot the orange square, and my turkey call will be easy to find.

By the way, this can work for male turkey hunters, too!

Editor's Note: In the pine rows of Alabama, it's easy to lose your spot. I like to carry a wadded-up roll of white toilet paper in my vest pocket and drop a small piece wherever I set up on a turkey. It's biodegradable, easy to see and comes in handy for . . . ahem . . . other purposes.

And if your cell phone or pocketknife slips out of your pocket, the place where you were sitting is a likely place for you to find them.

- Tim H. Martin/Online Editor

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